Yamaha PX-3 Turntable Isolation Feet, Set of Four

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Sold as FOUR feet.

Pioneer Yamaha PX-3 Audiophile turntable foot measures 1-1/2" tall (38.1mm) x 2-3/4" O.D (75mm) with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell. Rubber pedestal with 3/16" thick sorbothane washer.

Includes four M5 thread screws for Yamaha PX-3 Vintage Audiophile Turntable

Replace your Yamaha PX-3 Vinyl Turntable factory feet with our machined aluminum replacement. Turntable stock feet with our custom silver 6061 machined aluminum replacement feet. Our custom Yamaha PX-3 vintage audio analog turntable feet custom feet will help eliminate and isolate vibration. Mnpctech machined aluminum Turntable feet are Made in the USA.

Made in Mnpctech's family workshop in Minnesota.

Yamaha PX-3 Turntable in photo not included.
Yamaha PX-3 Turntable Isolation Feet Mnpctech
Who makes the best Yamaha PX-3 Turntable Isolation Feet?
Matt Dunn's Yamaha PX-3 Turntable with new Mnpctech Isolation Feet.
Upgrade Yamaha PX-3 Turntable with new Mnpctech Isolation Feet.
Matt Dunn's Yamaha PX-3 Turntable with new Mnpctech Isolation Feet.

Audiophiles have used our other custom made turntable isolation feet on Akai, Audio Technica, Clear Audio, Crosley, Denon, Dual, Fluance, Kenwood, Klipsch, Lenco, Marantz, McIntosh, Music Hall, NAD, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pro-ject Audio, JVC, Rega Planar, Sherwood, SONY, TEAC, Technics, Thorens, and Yamaha. Our customers have told us these are the best Yamaha PX-3 CUSTOM MADE TURNTABLE Vinyl Record Player Feet they could find for sale on the internet.