Harman Kardon T40 Turntable Isolation Feet Set of Four (M6)

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These custom made Harman Kardon T40 Turntable Isolation Feet are twice the size of the factory feet. Mnpctech's custom made upgrade feet utilize Sorbothane for isolation instead of the original factory springs. You cannot get the original Harman Karon T40 turntable foot springs anymore. 

Each foot measures 40mm (1.57") tall x 75mm (2.95") wide.

Sold In Set of Four.

Includes M6 thread x 35mm long bolts that protrude by 3/16".

Replace your Harman Kardon T40 Turntable stock feet.

Harman Kardon T40 factory foot screw size

Worn out rubber on Harman Kardon T40 factory foot.

 Harman Kardon T40 Turntable Isolation Feet For Sale

Mnpctech Custom made turntable feet have Sorbothane washer on top to help eliminate and isolate vibration. Giving your Harman Kardon T40 turntable more stability to help eliminate vibration and needle skipping.

Harman Kardon T40 Turntable Isolation Feet Stop Needle Skipping

Mnpctech machined aluminum shell for the Harman Kardon T40 Turntable are Made in the USA. These Harman Kardon T40 Turntable Upgrade feet are Made in Minnesota, USA.