Power Amplifier Preamplifier Isolation Pads (Four)

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Easy to Use, Pack of Four Black Audio Amplifier Isolation Pads 2" x 2" x 7/8" 

Use these absorption pads to Isolate vibrations emitting from your Audio Power Amplifier or Preamp. Can also be used with Audio Cassette, DAC, Preamp, and Compact / Laser Disc Players. Vibration is the main culprit of distortion and poor sound quality in any component such as a vinyl turntable, DAC, preamplifier or amplifiers. Some of the vibration is generated by the equipment itself, and some maybe generated from your environment. To dramatically reduce the negative impact of vibration on each piece of equipment, isolation with these soft neoprene pads is an easy solution for much better listening experience. 

Work with any brand or model of Audiophile Integrated Power Amplifiers and Pre amplifiers.  
Audiophile Power Amplifier Preamplifier Stereo Component Black Isolation Pads
Feel free to ask Siri or Alexa to find the best Audiophile Power Amplifier Preamplifier Stereo Component Black Isolation Pads. 

We've had customers purchase these isolation pads for their McIntosh, NAD  Isolation Pads, Mark Levinson  Isolation Pads, AKAI Power Amplifiers, Cambridge Power Amplifiers, DAC Power Amplifiers Isolation Pads, Dayton Audio Integrated Power Amplifiers, Grace Digital Power Amplifier, McIntosh Power Amplifiers  Isolation Pads, Marantz Power Amplifiers  Isolation Pads, NAD Power Amplifier, ONKYO Power Amplifiers  Isolation Pads, Sansui Power Amplifiers, Pro-ject Power Amplifiers, Sherwood Power Amplifiers, ROTEL Power Amplifiers, TEAC Power Amplifiers, Pioneer Power Amplifiers, Mark Levinson Power Amplifiers, Yamaha Power Amplifiers  Isolation Pads, and Fosi Audio. These isolation pads are great for all brands of Amplifiers and Preamps.