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Fits 24 & 26 AWG Round Ethernet Network Cables.

Dimensions of Cat5 cable combs as follows:

4 pin cat5 comb = 20mm wide x 21mm long.

6 pin cat5 comb = 20mm wide x 28mm long.

8 pin cat5 comb = 20mm wide x 36mm long.

12 pin cat5 comb = 20mm wide x 51mm long.

14 pin cat5 comb = 20mm wide x 55mm long.

16 pin cat5 comb  = 20mm wide x 65mm long.

24 pin cat5 comb = 20mm wide x 95mm long.

Strong and durable CAT Ethernet Cable Combs by Mnpctech.

MNPCTECH Cat 5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a / Cat 7 Ethernet Patch 12 pin Cable Combs are used by some of the world's best data centers.

where to buy MNPCTECH Ethernet Network Cable Combs

Available in 4 pin / slot, 6 pin / slot, 8 pin / slot, 12 pin / slot, 16 pin / slot, 24 pin / slot to organize your unique Home Network of Commercial Server / Data Center.   

How to deteremine pin size count for ethernet cat5 cable combs by mnpctech

Mnpctech Ethernet Cable Combs are CNC Machined from stress resistant hi-density plastic material that is non-conductive and chemical resistant. They will help organize your  Cat 5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a / Cat 7 network Ethernet cables in a 12 pin separator in a professional manner.

 where to buy MNPCTECH Ethernet Network Cat5 Cable Combs

Mosquito uses our Cat5 cable organizer combs for his home smart Ethernet network cables.

where to buy MNPCTECH Ethernet Cat5 Network Cable Combs

Helps create a more accessible and organized environment and professional presentation of Ethernet cables. A smart alternative to cutting and retying cable / zip ties. End the hassle of dealing with cluttered Ethernet cables in your data center, whether it's in a small business or large Cloud based Hosting company. 

where to buy MNPCTECH Ethernet Network cat5 Cable Combs

You can also use MNPCTECH  Cat 5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a / Cat 7, 12 pin cable comb to organize and tidy your Ethernet cables for your personal PC home network or internet wifi routers.

Cat8 Ethernet cable is the new norm with 2GHz bandwidth and support for speeds up to 40gbps.

It requires 24 AWG cable which is thicker, regardless of the manufacturer. Cat7 supports only 1GHz and 10Gbps of speed and it needs 26 AWG cable. In both cases they need to use shielded cable, because of signal & voltage drop over its length. Cat5e/6/6a also use 26 AWG cable but unshielded since it doesn't require it (lower speeds). This is why they tend to be thinner (0.4~5mm).

Some specific manufacturers use non-standard cable gauges like 30 AWG and 28 AWG for short distance cables, and market them as "thin" cables.

Here are some of the best examples you can purchase for testing for shielded Cat7 and Cat8.

- Cat8 Shielded

- Cat7 Shielded

where to buy MNPCTECH Ethernet Network Cable Combs

12 pin / slot Cat 5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a Cat7 ethernet cable comb