How To Cool Your GPU With This Cooling Fan Bracket.

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Includes one bracket, three thumbscrews and mounting screws to attach your own PC cooling fan(s). The bracket attaches to the PCI slots, alongside or underneath your video card. The Rubber washers go between the bracket and cooling fan. The washers go between the mounting screws and bracket. Refer to photos on this product page.

Cooling Fan Not Included.

    • Easily Installs onto your computer's PCI slots
    • Can install 2x 80mm or 2x 92mm, or 1x 120mm, or 1x 140mm fan.
    • Side blown air provide cooling for video card heat sinks.
    • Looking for Easy way on How To Cool GPU better?
    • Can help cool your gpu pcb board, mosfets, and gpu memory.
    • Great method when seeking answer on "How to keep your gpu cool?".
    • Helps cool north bridge and south bridge chips to evacuate heat.
    • Can help evacuate warm air from your motherboard mosfets.
    • Easy Screw-on Solution on How To Cool Your GPU.
    • I need an easy fix to cool my hot running gpu.

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    • Helps cool your AMD radeon 580 from your computer's PCI slots
    • Install 120mm or 140mm fan to cool down your AMD gpu.
    • Side blown air provide cooling for AMD radeon video card.
    • Looking for Easy way to Cool your AMD Radeon GPU?
    • Can help cool your 580 RX video mosfets and memory.
    • Great method on "How to keep your GTX or RTX gpu cool!"
    • Helps cool AMD's north bridge and south bridge and exhaust that heat.
    • Will help evacuate warm air from your gpu mosfets.
    • Easy Install Solution For Cooling Your Hot Running GPU.
    • When you need an easy fix for coolnig down a hot running gpu.

    Must be Installed to your Computer PCI slot. PCI Side Blown Video Card Cooling Fan Mounting Bracket Arm will help cool your GPU. Can be used to cool down RTX 2080, or to help cool down GTX 2080Ti, to cool down RTX 2080 Founder's Edition cooler, Nvidia GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti, GTX 1070, GTX 1060, EVGA GTX 1080, Asus GTX 1080, MSI GTX 1080.

    Shop For GTX and RTX Side Blown GPU Cooler Fan Bracket

    Can install 2x 8cm or 2x 9 cm, or 1x 12 cm, or 1x 14cm fan Side blown bracket allows blowing cooler air over your hot video card, heat sinks, of the PCB on your motherboard, cool down MOSFETS, Cools down video card memory, especially graphics cards whenn used in SLI or Crossfire combination. Side blown gpu cooler also provides cooling for Northbridge, Southbridge to enhance local heat transfer, improve system stability, extend hardware life span.