8oz (500ml) Honda Civic Accord Transmission Fluid Refill Dispenser Squeeze Bottle with Brass Tube

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This Mnpctech Squeezable Oil Bottle is a transparent polyethylene container used for oiling movable parts. It features an adjustable brass pointed pipe. Often used for refilling Transmission fluid in Honda vehicles. 

  • For oiling movable parts.
  • Transparent polyethylene container.
  • Adjustable brass pointed pipe.
  • Squeeze oiler without pump, with turn-lock fastener.

where to find and buy STAHLWILLE 12251 Oil squeeze bottle pressol honda accord and civic transmission fluid refill

Similar to the STAHLWILLE 12251 Plastic Oil Squeeze Bottle 8oz (500ml) Brass Nozzle Made by PRESSOL.

  • Oil, Petrol and acid proof.
  • Refill Honda Accord Transmission.
  • Retractable Brass tube (115 mm).
  • Leak proof durch twist-off cap.
  • Oiling Bicycle chains.
  • Contents: 500 ml.
  • Empty Without pump.

Buy Pressol or STAHLWILLE 12251 Oil squeeze bottle top off refill honda transmission fluid level

STAHLWILLE 12251 Oil squeeze bottle. This is an 8oz (250ml) plastic bottle with an easy to use brass pick-up tube and top. The tip has a twist fitting you can turn to open and close. A nice feature that will prevent spills! About 7.5" tall.  Made with pride for Stahlwille in the Czech Republic by PRESSOL. 

- TOP OFF YOUR TRANSMISSION - Keep your Honda Civic or Accord running smoothly by refilling your transmission fluid with this easy-to-use dispenser. The adjustable brass spout makes it easy to get the fluid exactly where you need it, and the polyethylene construction means it's resistant to oil and chemicals.

- EASY TO USE - This dispenser comes with a rigid applicator nozzle and sealing caps, so you can easily refill your transmission without making a mess. It's also lightweight and easy to store, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

- 3-LOCATION GERMAN MANUFACTURING - Stahlwille knows no compromises. All the products made by this company are manufactured under the most stringent quality control conditions at three locations in Germany. So you know that when you buy a Stahlwille product, you're getting the best quality possible.