Turntable Anti Vibration Isolation Pads

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Turntable Anti Vibration Isolation Pads allow you to keep your factory feet. A cost effective alternative to replacing the worn out rubber feet on your Vintage Audiophile Phonograph Record Player / Vinyl turntable.

Sold in sets of Three or Four.

  • Black color is discreet when placed under your turntable on your home audio shelf or stand.
  • poly metric foam core with neoprene top and bottom layer.
  • Each record player / phonograph / vinyl turntable isolation pad measures 2" x 2" x 7/8" tall.
  • Pad helps prevent vinyl record needle skipping by reducing vibrations under your turntable / record player / phonograph.
  • Helps improve sound or details produced by your vintage Phonograph Player or new Analog Vinyl Turntable.
  • EASY Universal fit. They will work under any model and brand of vinyl audio analog turntable or record player.
  • No need for tools. Simply place the isolation pad under each foot of your vinyl turntable.
  • Turntable Audio Anti Vibration Isolation Pads Blocks Stop Record Skipping and or humming and are easy to install. Using these Turntable Audio Anti Vibration Isolation Pads Blocks can help eliminate vibrations.

  • Use with Direct Drive, Idler Wheel, DJ or Audiophile Belt Driven Turntables
  • May help stop turntable humming / hum sound problem with some vinyl turntable models. 

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