PCI-E 16x 3.0 25cm / 9.8" Express Cable For Mounting Vertical Video Card / GPU

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This 90 Degree PCI-E 3.0 16x Express Cable Allow Connection to Mnpctech Vertical Brackets And Mounts For Video Cards / GPUs 

PCI-E Riser Cables sold by Mnpctech are 25cm / 200mm (9.842") long. They are high speed EMI shielded extension cables for your PCI-E 16x GPU slot. They're also called "Riser cards" with flexible cable.

  • Highest Quality Solder Points and Gold plated Contacts for Superior Conductivity and Long Use
  • Extremely High speed cable allow PCI express video card / GPU in any direction on suitable position. Great for Vertical GPU PC Mods.
  • Foiled cable for High-frequency impedance & the best EMI Gold plated contacts for best connectivity and long life
  • Latest version new layout, new material PCIE Riser cable with higher stability
  • Compatible with Desktop Computer GPU/motherboard components