200mm / 230mm Cooling Fan Grill / Guard

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Custom made 200mm / 230mm Cooling Fan Grills by Mnpctech. Laser cut from 1/8" thick, Black Opaque Cast Acrylic. Are you planning to mod your PC case for better airflow? You can find a variety of 200/230mm PC cooling fans online to help generate more airflow to cool your graphics card / gpu and gaming PC system. 

Mnpctech's Universal fit 200mm / 230mm PC Fan grills is laser cut from 1/8" thick cast acrylic. Overall diameter of these custom 200mm / 230mm fan grills is 8-1/16" and (Ear to Ear) diagonally is 9-1/4". Modifying your PC case to utilize a 200mm PC cooling fan grill or 230mm computer case cooling fan is a great way to help improve cooling in your custom gaming PC / computer builds and mods.

Fits Antec "Big Boy" 200mm x 30mm Cooling Fan. 
Fits Bitfenix Spectre 230mm x 30mm Cooling Fan.
Fits Cooler Master 230mm x 30mm Cooling Fan.
Fits Cooler Master CMSTORM 200mm Cooling Fan. 
Fits NZXT Phantom 200mm Cooling Fan.
Fits Thermaltake 200mm Cooling Fan.
Fits Xigmatek brand 200mm size CLF & XLF cooling fans.

Use these custom made 200mm and 230mm fan grills and finger guards for Antec Big Boy, Bitfenix Spectre, Cooler Master 230mm fan, CM STORM 200 / 230mm cooling fans, NZXT 20mm pc case fans, Thermaltake 200mm PC coling fans. Also works with the Apevia LED 200mm cooling fans. 

Here are the custom fan grill designs for 200mm & 230mm PC Cooling Fans that are laser cut by Mnpctech's Workshop.