Do It Yourself Audiophile Isolation Platform Turntable Feet Fix & Upgrade Kit

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Here is our "How To" video guide on installing this Isolation Foot Kit into your turntable wood or MDF base / plinth.


Do It Yourself Turntable Sorbothane Feet Upgrade Kit.

Everything You Need To Upgrade Your Turntable Butcher Block Or Isolation Platform, Custom Record Player Wood Plinth, Custom Or Stock Phonograph MDF Or Wood Base Plinth to Mnpctech's Most Popular Sorbothane Isolation Feet.

Use Your Own Power Drill To Use This Turntable Foot Upgrade Kit.

Four Sorbothane Turntable Isolation Feet:

1.77" tall (45mm) tall under compression x 2.75" O.D (69.8mm) with machined aluminum shells and 1" diameter Sorbothane Anti-Vibration pre-installed Isolators on top.

Four M6 Threaded Brass Inserts:

These brass inserts measure .5" long, so you must have at least .5" of material for installing them.

M6 Brass Threaded Inserts for MFD and Wood Turntable Bases & Plinths allows you to fit Custom Turntable Feet with M6 screws. You can also use these M6 Threaded inserts for adding custom isolation feet to wood speaker or sub woofer bass cabinets.

One 3/8" Twist Drill Bit For MDF / Wood:

HSS Titanium Coated Jobber Drill Bit, perfect for MDF and Wood Turntable Plinths and Bases.

One EZ-LOK Insert Installation Tool / Drill Bit:

 Watch Video Guide by Mnpctech to Step-by-Step Do-It-Yourself Installation of M6 Threaded Inserts into MDF or Wood Turntable Base / Plinth.

M6 Threaded Insert Installation Kit for Turntable Isolation Feet