LONG Corsair Crystal TG Front and Top Panel Screws (M4 Thread)

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$2.99 each.

These are the LONG Corsair Crystal 570x and 680x Series Thumbscrews for the Front Tempered Glass Bezel and Top Tempered Glass Panels ONLY.

These Anodized Screws are 28mm long with M4 Thread and came from brand new Corsair 570X and 680X Crystal ATX PC Chassis / Case.

These won't fit the left and right side panels.

SKU CC-8900107

You can also use these High Quality Anodized Black, Red, Blue, and Chrome plated Aluminum M4 Thread Thumbscrews for your custom made or modified projects. Each Includes Black Rubber Washer. Could be used on modifications for your bike, car, cycle, motorcycle, scooter or whatever you can imagine.

Works with Materials up to 19mm thick.

Knurled finger Top Diameter = 12mm

M4 TG Screw Thread length = 28mm


So, if you need to find LONG Corsair Crystal 570x and 680x Series Thumbscrews that fit Front Tempered Glass Bezel and Top Tempered Glass Panels ONLY, Mnpctech is the only source.