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Dust can be a computer power supply's worst enemy as it has the potential to lower cooling performance or cause damage when left overly accumulated. Mnpctech offers these 120mm and 140mm for computer / PC power supplies and cooling fan filters.


Use your factory PSU Fan Screws.

Find Best Computer Power Supply PSU Filter Screen

These power supply / PSU filters provide maximum airflow with effective filtering. The tightly woven Black PVC corrugated mesh screen was engineered for it's durability, flexibility and ruggedness. These PSU / Power supply fan filter screens are easily washed in soapy water and can be mounted directly to the fan or to a PSU / power supply panel. You can use these power supply filter screens to keep dust from getting in your Voodoo Gaming PC by HP. Add this computer power supply filter screen to your Corsair PSU and power supplies.

Find Best Computer Power Supply PSU Fan Filter Screen 120mm

  • High quality aluminum filter with stainless mesh or PVC for 140mm
  • Perforated PVC Mesh - Allows more air flow to pass through
  • Black PVC Perforated Mesh PC Filters - Super durable and easy cleaning
  • Anti-rusting - Black PVC Mesh to prevent rusting in your computer PSU.

Black PVC Fan Filter Screen

140mm version is Flexible Black PCV Mesh Screen.

These PVC black mesh computer PSU filters from Mnpctech are best used by removing the factory fan screws and attaching over the PSU cooling fan. This way all of the dust is collected outside of your gaming PC power supply and PC case / chassis. Mady installed her black PVC mesh 120mm filters on the front of her Silverstone SFX-L power supply fan.

Corsair Find Best Computer Power Supply PSU Filter Screen

These durable aluminum screen Black anodized PC fan filters will outlast the life of Mady's Silverstone computer build. Mady also installed these black aluminum metal mesh 120mm filters on the top of his NZXT Phantom Gaming PC case, to prevent anything like small screws or other debris from getting inside his PC build.

Find HP Computer Power Supply PSU Filter Screen

These black PVC 120mm and 140mm cooling fan filter screens are durable and flexible. The Mnpctech Black Desktop PC PVC mesh PSU fan filters will outlast the life of Mady's new custom gaming PC computer build.

DIY filter screen keep dust out of my DEll and HP desktop computer

Easy way to prevent dust from entering your Alienware, HP or DELL desktop computer power supply.