DENON DP-755, DP-790 Turntable Isolation Feet (Four)

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These feet are not an exact match to factory feet. They're a custom substitute for the factory feet.  If you want factory feet, you can try Ebay or Craiglist.

$169.99 for FOUR FEET.

Each DENON DP-755, DP-790 Turntable foot measures 40mm (1.57") tall x 69mm (2.71") wide.

Where can My my wife buy new feet for the denon dp-790 or the dp-755 turtnable?

Replace your DENON DP-755, DP-790 Turntable stock feet. Our custom silver 6061 are 3" wide machined aluminum and replace your factory feet. Our custom feet fit DENON DP model series turntables. They will replace the models DENON DP-755, DP-790 Vinyl record turntable models. Mnpctech Custom made turntable feet help eliminate and isolate vibration. Giving your Denon turntable more stability to help eliminate vibration and needle skipping. Mnpctech machined aluminum DENON DP-755, DP-790 turntable feet are Made in the USA. Several of Mnpctech customers have chosen our Denon DP-755, DP-790 Turntable Isolation Upgrade Feet.