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Black 1/8" Diameter x 1/8" Max Grip Aluminum PC Blind Pop Rivets by Mnpctech.

1/8" Aluminum Black Counter Sunk Pop-Rivet Computer PC Cases. Gripe range .092" - .125" for Computers.

These Aluminum pop rivets (blind rivets) with Black color are used to replace computer case rivets by connect two pieces of pc chassis efficiently and effectively.  You can also these Black PC pop rivets for building your own custom PC case from sheet metal.

Use an 1/8" or a #30 drill bit for drilling new rivet holes. These Black blind PC pop rivets have a break away mandrel shaft that will require the use of a pop rivet tool.

Replace your PC pop-rivets with Black Mnpctech pop rivets. They fit all of these computer case models and brands that include Alienware, Antec, Apevia, Apex, Azza, Azzatek, Bitfenix, Case Labs, Corsair, Cooler Master, Compucase, Cougar, ModDIY, DIYPC, Dell Desktops, Deepcool, Enermax, Fractal Design, HP Desktops, In-Win, Lian Li, Lepa, Logisys, NZXT, Phanteks, Raidmax, Rosewill, Sharkoon, Silverstone, Supermicro, Thermaltake, XION, Zalman.

Here is Our Do-It-Yourself Video Guide to Removal and Replacing Pop Rivets for PC Case & PC Chassis Modding.