PIONEER PL-A45D, PL-512 Turntable Feet (Four)

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WARNING BEFORE YOU BUY THESE FEET: These feet do not replicate the size of the original factory feet. They are smaller diameter version of the original feet.  

Sold as FOUR feet.

Pioneer Audiophile turntable foot measures 1-1/2" tall (38.1mm) x 1-3/4" O.D (44.45mm) with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell.

Replace your PIONEER PL-A45D, PL-512 Vinyl Turntable factory feet with our machined aluminum replacement. Turntable stock feet with our custom silver 6061 machined aluminum replacement feet. Our custom PIONEER PIONEER PL-A45D, PL-512 turntable feet custom feet will help eliminate and isolate vibration. Mnpctech machined aluminum PIONEER PL-A45D, PL-512 Turntable feet are Made in the USA.

Each PIONEER PL-A45D, PL-512 foot measures 1-3/8" tall x 1-3/4" O.D. and has thick rubber foot insert with Sorbothane washer on top. Includes four #10 zinc plated wood screw to bite into the wood plinth. Each screw is 1-3/4" length.

Made in Mnpctech's family workshop in Minnesota.

PIONEER PL-A45D, PL-560, PL-540, PL-516, PL-514, PL-512 rubber feet fix

replace feet rubber on pioneer PL-A45D record player turntable

"Thank you so much for a prompt delivery. Kids are running around aren't able to make it skip!" - Alex (bought PL-A45D isolation feet)

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Analog and Stereo Listening Room Audiophiles use Mnpctech custom turntable and phonograph isolation feet on Audio Technica, AKAI, Clear Audio, Crosley, Denon, Dual, Fluance turntable, Harmon Kardon, Kenwood, Klipsch, Lenco, Marantz, Micro Seiki, McIntosh, Music Hall, NAD, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pro-ject Audio, JVC, Rega Planar, Sherwood, SONY, TEAC, Technics, Thorens, U-Turn Audio, and Yamaha.