Pioneer PL-50/PL-50L Turntable Isolation Feet, Set Of Four

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2" tall (50mm) tall x 2.75" O.D (69.8mm) 

Mnpctech Pioneer PL-50/PL-50L Audiophile Turntable Isolation Feet Turntable Isolation Feet help eliminate and isolate vibration.

M8 threaded holes.


Size comparison PIONEER PL-50, 51 Custom feet

Size comparison of stock foot to Mnpctech PL-50/50L Custom Foot.

These custom made Mnpctech Pioneer PL-50/PL-50L Vintage Audiophile Turntable Isolation Feet. Turntable Isolation DJ / Audiophile Feet give your turntable more stability to help eliminate vibrations and needle skipping.

Each Pioneer PL-50/PL-50L Turntable Foot measures 1-1/2" tall (38.1mm) x 1-3/4" O.D (44.45mm) with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell and 3/16' thick rubber foot insert and Sorbothane washer.

Looking who who makes sells the best buy best Pioneer PL-50PL or 50L Turntable Rubber Feet

Introducing the enhanced sound quality of the PL-50 record player, inspired by the high-end PL-70 technology. Choose between the standard PL-50 and the PL-50L, which includes a newly developed moving coil system silent lift-up function.

Pioneer-PL-50PL & 50L-Turntable & Record Player Feet By Mnpctech Are The Best Replacement Feet

To achieve unparalleled rotational accuracy, we've implemented an innovative SH rotor type motor that positions the rotor support point just below the turntable. This aligns the center of gravity with the support point, eliminating any reverse conical motion that affects rotational characteristics. We've also incorporated a quartz PLL DC servo Hall motor, ensuring stability and eliminating load fluctuations caused by resistance.

The large 31 cm turntable features Pioneer's magnetic pole switching mechanism and micron-order machining accuracy, effectively eliminating noise. To further enhance sound quality, a special anti-vibration agent is applied to the back of the turntable and a silicon oil braking tone arm is adopted. This unique structure reduces resonance and improves mechanical impedance, resulting in a clear and immersive sound across the audible spectrum.

The PL-50 comes with a heavy weight arm base for stability and a long type arm with an effective length of 250 mm. The high-density cabinet with a combination of natural wood and solid board prevents any shaking. It also features a low-center-of-gravity structure insulator that provides excellent stability against vibrations.

With the PL-50L, you'll enjoy a silent lift-up mechanism and a moving coil system that operates without mechanical sounds. The arm is equipped with a non-contact detection system to detect the end position of the recording sound groove, ensuring no side pressure is generated and maintaining the sensitivity of the arm.

Upgrade your record player experience with the PL-50 series, delivering exceptional sound quality and innovative features for the ultimate listening pleasure.