Brushed Chrome Vinyl Film

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Apply to any surface to create a metal grain-like finish.

Cut with Scissors and Apply Brushed Chrome Vinyl Film Sheets. Looks similar to metallic or metalized surfaces. Adheres to both flat and curved surfaces. Apply to Automobiles, PC Power Supplies, PC Cases, Smart phones, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Drive faces, Headphones, Bezel, Fan controllers, Toggle switches etc.

Alexa Find Brushed Chrome Vinyl Film Wrap or Decal

Great way to update the look of something like a refrigerator, tool box, shop cabinets, old coffee machine, old microwave, or other vintage or new kitchen appliances. You could also this brushed metal look film to your workshop equipment for a custom look or theme. We've also seen it used on automobiles, automobile or marine boat dashboards. custom motorcycles, racing or mountain bike or fat tire bicycles, electric or gas powered scooters or whatever else you like. 

Find Metal Like Look Brushed Chrome Vinyl Film Wrap or Decals

Our customers at Mnpctech often use this brushed chrome metal vinyl to give their retro or new PC gaming case a performance attitude. Many different PC cases and PC hardware components can be covered in this Vinyl Brushed Chrome film. Check out the DIY guide below for applying this brushed chrome vinyl film to your SSD drive for custom look. You can apply this brushed chrome metallic vinyl film to PC Power Supplies, PC Case side panels, Gaming PC Monitors, Mechanical Keyboards, Gaming Mouse / Mice, Computer Optical  Drive faces, Gaming PC Headphones, Gaming PC case Bezel, or PC / desktop computer Fan controllers, and or PC Toggle switches.

 Alexa Find Brushed Dashboard Chrome Vinyl Film Wrap or Decal

Here are the steps for covering a Computer SSD with this Brushed Chrome Vinyl Film.