Mnpctech 120mm Overkill Asus "ROG" PC Fan Grill

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Mnpctech 120mm Overkill "ROG" Billet Fan Grill was inspired by The ASUS Republic of Gamers. It's CNC machined from 1/2" thick 6061 Aluminum.

They fit all 120mm size PC Cooling Fans.



These fan grills won't fit on any PC Water Cooling Radiators. They're too wide!

Outer dimension measures 5" x 5"

These ASUS "ROG" inspired PC fan grill designs raise the bar for your custom PC build, especially when equipped with ASUS Republic of Gamer's gaming pc hardware. Mount this custom PC fan grill over your PC front intake fan, top of your case or side panel. Mounting over rear exhaust PC cooling fan may require modifying your chassis and side panel. 

120mm Overkill Asus "ROG" PC Fan Grill Mnpctech