Luxman Turntable Isolation Upgrade Feet, Set of Four

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Luxman Vinyl Record Player / Turntable Isolation Upgrade Feet.

Sold in Set of Four.

Each upgrade upgrade isolation foot measures 1-1/4" tall x 1-3/4" O.D. with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell.

Includes set of M4, and M5 screws for different model mounting options.

Luxman turntable feet or foot M5 screw option

Popular turntable models made by Luxman include PD-121, PD-171, PD-131, PD-264, PD-270, PD-272, PD-277, PD-288, PD-284, PD-291, and PD-375.

Luxman Record Player Turntable upgrade feet

Looking for my options for the best Luxman Turntable Isolation Upgrade Feet.

Vintage Luxman PD375 with Mnpctech Turntable Isolation Upgrade Feet!

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Luxman Turntable Isolation Upgrade Feet are made 100% guaranteed anti-vibration and sorbothane ISO feet by Mnpctech.

Another photo of this gorgeous vintage LUXMAN PD-375 turntable with custom anti-vibration feet by Mnpctech.