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Bill Owen's Corsair 5000T iCue PC Build has new case mod Ideas and can be used as guide for inspiring ideas for your own Corsair case mods with or without the Corsair iCue 5000T RGB Gaming Case. The theme is Cyberpunk, but not the PC game. Bill Owen is often hired to build gaming PC's for new game release giveaways on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and facebook pages. The new Corsair Hydro series XC7 cpu block and XD3 Reservoir and pump combo gets taken apart and custom painted.

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A Wood Butchers Block or Kitchen cutting board is cheapest and easiest solution to isolating your Vinyl turntable from vibrations. Hardwoods like Maple and Teak are tough and nature’s best solution for the absorption of energy forces that cause vibration. You can follow this DIY guide steps for adding best isolation rubber feet to Wood BEEFURNI Butchers Block bought from Amazon Prime. The size of Kitchen Cutting Board and Butchers Block we've chosen is ideal size for most turntables that includes all Fluance turntable models, U-turn Orbit, Audio-Technica, and Project Debut, Technics, Pioneer, and Marantz turntables.

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