Apple G5 Pro Mac 1GB Memory Ram Stick, Avant, USED NO REFUND

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Apple G5 Pro Mac Desktop Computer 1GB Memory Ram Stick, Avant Brand Sold Individually.

Avant 1GB DDR-400 AVM6428U52C3400K9-PRXDP UDIMM PC3200 NON-ECC.

Buy New Apple G5 Pro Mac 1GB Memory Ram Stick, Avant

Introducing the Power Mac G5: Apple's Most Powerful Home Computer

Experience the cutting-edge technology of the Power Mac G5, the world's first 64-bit desktop computer. From 2003 to 2006, this series of personal desktop computers dominated Apple's Macintosh lineup, offering unparalleled power and performance.

Not only did the Power Mac G5 revolutionize the Apple Macintosh lineup, but it also marked a significant milestone as the first desktop computer to feature an anodized aluminum alloy enclosure. This sleek design set it apart from the rest and showcased Apple's commitment to innovation.

Now, Mnpctech brings you tested and used replacement and upgrade parts for your Power and Mac Pro Desktop Computers. From memory upgrade and expansion sticks to replacement parts for your Apple G5 case, including plastic covers and cooling fans - we have you covered!

Enhance your Power Mac G5 and Mac Pro with our top-of-the-line parts, ensuring your computer stays running at its best.

Experience the Power Mac G5 difference. Upgrade and enhance your Apple computer today with Mnpctech.