80mm AC Ryan Blackfire-4 LED PC Cooling Fan / Retro Vintage Gaming PC Builds

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Retro Vintage Gaming PC 80mm Cooling Fan / AC Ryan Blackfire-4 are no longer manufactured. These vintage / retro gaming PC build LED fans are very rare to find today. These vintage / retro gaming PC build LED fans are being sold by Mnpctech exclusively in their original retail packaging. You can either install and use them in your vintage / retro gaming PC build or place them on your collector shelf. Mnpctech is your #1 source for buying rare or vintage computer parts for your Retro Gaming PC builds. These AC Ryan Blackfire LED fans were very popular in the early to mid 2000's with the DIY PC building and modding community. 

Vintage / Retro Gaming 80mm PC Computer Cooling Fan SPECIFICATIONS

  • Fan specifications:
  • Clear Acrylic with UV-active
  • 80x80x25mm powered via 3pin fan connector or 4pin Molex power connector (both included)



Low power consumption:


Fan speed (RPM)


Noise level (dB)


Airflow (CFM)


  • LED light specifications:
  • 4x ultrabright UV LED
  • Luminous intensity : 4x 2000mcd
  • Power consumption : 0.32W
  • powered via fan power


  • 80mm Clear UV-active™ fan with 4x UV LED light, 3pin fan power connector
  • with 3pin to 4pin Molex connector (with Molex pass through)
  • Fan mounting screws