Memory 32GB Crucial DDR5 SDRAM

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Mnpctech custom gaming PC build and PC mod studio uses DDR5 SDRAM MEMORY, 32GB CRUCIAL in custom Intel Alder Lake PC builds for giveaways that promote PC game releases.

Crucial 32GB Kit (4 x 8GB) DDR5-4800 UDIMM


Technology - DDR5
Speed - DDR5-4800
PC speed - PC5-38400
Density - 32GB Kit (16GBx2)
Module type - UDIMM
DIMM type - Unbuffered
CAS latency - 40
Extended timings - 40-39-39
Voltage - 1.1V
Kit Qty - 2
Warranty - Limited Lifetime

For most PC gaming and daily computer tasks, you need only 16GB (2x8GB) of DDR5 SDRAM memory. At this time, you'll see 16GB DDR5 for around $500 on ebay. You don't really need DDR5 for 12gen Intel Alder Lake processors. You can also use DDR4 memory in your Socket 1700, Alder Lake Motherboard if needed.  Yes, you can use DDR4 in your Intel LGA socket 1700 Alder Lake motherboard as temporary substitute. It is less than half the price of DDR5 with just slightly less performance. If you want the latest or fastest memory for your Intel Alder Lake 12900K or 12900KF PC build, Then this DDR5 is one of the best brand name kits available right now. 
Where to buy DDR5 SDRAM MEMORY 32GB CRUCIAL that's for sale


Buying this CRUCIAL DDR5 SDRAM for your Intel Socket LGA 1700 Motherboard is one of the best high capacity kits for Intel's new Alder Lake, 12 gen processors.

This custom gaming PC build for advertising your PC game release includes the Intel 12900K and 12900KF processors. This DDR5 is guaranteed to work with all Intel Alder Lake CPUs. Mnpctech is a famous custom PC builder and modder often chosen by PC game developers and publishers. These clients use Mnpctech custom prebuilt gaming PC's for giveaways as Intel gaming PC mods.

Where to buy DDR5 SDRAM MEMORY 32GB CRUCIAL 4800

Mnpctech gaming PC's with this DDR5 in 32Gb or 64GB kits are well known in promoting new PC game launches and expansion releases. Mnpctech studio also builds custom Intel gaming PC's with DDR5 for influencers on Twitch and Youtube. Maybe your game stream audience is seeking a unique gaming PC to reflect your personality?


Contact Mnpctech today! You want to do everything to make your new PC game a  big hit on STEAM, then you will need a nice boost on facebook or instagram of publicity to make it really happen! You need something that will draw attention and drive traffic. Mnpctech is one of the leading purveyors of custom PCs and providers of digital content that is proven to garner hype for upcoming projects.

Where online can I find stock to buy DDR5 SDRAM MEMORY 32GB CRUCIAL that's for sale

Since 2001, Mnpctech has offered the best "Next Level" custom Intel gaming PC builds for social media giveaways. PC game publisher love hiring Mnpctech to build Intel Alder Lake or ARC custom PC with DDR5 ram to advertise their PC games. Why not use Mnpctech to custom build a gaming PC with Intel hardware inside to promote your next PC game release to your fans?!

 Buy this DDR5 16GB kit for your custom Intel PC Gaming PC Esports event.

 Mnpctech will build Intel custom prebuilt PC mod with 32GB or 64GB DDR5 and Nvidia RTX gpu. Many Indie Game Studios have hired MNpctech for their custom gaming PC Mods. Watch your audience and following grow on Twitter or facebook's new Metaverse! looking for DDR5 SDRAM MEMORY 32GB PDF for compatible Intel motherboards

We have tons of Twitch fans and Youtube PC gamers who love Mnpctech PC mods. as well as famous PC Gamers, which are the fastest growing Influencers in the PC gaming industry. Mnpctech can build custom gaming PC builds with Intel motherboard and 32GB DDR5 kit for Alder Lake as prize to market your next PC Gaming Industry or Esports event.