Building the Mnpctech Corsair iCue 5000T Gaming PC, "Retro Futurism" Case Mod"

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Building the Mnpctech Corsair iCue 5000T Gaming PC, "Retro Futurism" Case Mod"

My Corsair icue 5000T build will stand out further from the crowd by utilizing stainless steel hard line tubing for water cooling the Intel - Core i9-12900K Desktop Processor. I chose this type of tubing because it's bright metallic finish is aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't absorb dirt, smudges, fingerprints or scuffs, making maintenance very easy. The biggest advantage to using stainless for PC water cooling is it's corrosion resistant properties, so you can use distilled water in your water cooling loop. It also resists bacteria and germs making it ideal choice for hygiene-conscious environments, hospitals and medical care centers.

 I recommend the 600 series bender by Rigid Tool, or Imperial brand tube benders, these are the lowest cost.

Type of stainless tubing I'm using for PC water cooling is T-304/304L, Seamless Tube in 0.5" x 0.035" x 0.43"

Tools & Supplies Used in this Guide:

*RIGID 600 Series Tubing Bender

*Table Vise with Terry Cloth towel, to avoid scratching tubing.

*Micro Hand File

*Hacksaw with Bi-Metal Cutting Blade

*Table top grinder

*50 grit sand paper

Paint and weather cyberpunk decals stickers

Painting and weathering Cyberpunk era decals.

Custom Painting ASUS Strix z690 PRIME motherboards

Custom painted cooling heat sinks and shrouds on the ASUS Strix z690 Prime INTEL 1700 motherboard for the Corsair 5000T Custom Gaming PC build.

 #cassettefuturism Corsair RGB GPU Waterblock for RTX 3000 series custom paint temps

Corsair Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 30-SERIES REFERENCE GPU Water Block (3090, 3080 Ti, 3080) with custom #retrofuturism #cassettefuturism mods and paint by Mnpctech.

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  • Adam

    wow, very cool n inspiring, I was just looking at what was available in the way of PC modding products, found your shop and followed it here. I love seeing this stuff and learning how it was done is just a real bonus. I’m presuming you make your living doing this kind of stuff and that puts a huge smile on my face, that’s wonderful. I love interesting and different stuff where folks go to the effort of making something wonderful, quirky, different or special in some way from the simple to the complex n difficult, it’s just very cool and we all get to enjoy it. Thanks ;).

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