Alignable, The Worst Spam Bot Social Platform Of All Mankind.

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Alignable, The Worst Spam Bot Social Platform Of All Mankind.

The idea of a social platform for local businesses is great. Unfortunately Alignable preys upon unsuspecting people to launch their platform.

Alignable is marketed as a new social network site for local businesses. I was invited by an employee of a local business to the platform. They had my email in their database from 4 years ago when we reserved something in their store. I don't believe this individual intentionally invited me. I believe while registering they chose the option to allow Alignable access to their email contacts. Alignable's bot found our business url in their database. The Alignable bot is the most ingenious spam bot of all time. It drills into your contacts and emails other business owners as the identity of the individual who registered.

I wanted to know more about this creature. I registered directly through the site versus the email invite from this individual. Once you sign up, it unleashes relentless invites to make you engage with it. I'm seeing invites in our spam folder by businesses unrelated to our market, including out of state businesses.

Do not, by any means sign up or allow anyone you know to register with Alignable. Alignable is taking in new unsuspecting victims daily. I highly suggest using the more trusted LinkedIn platform instead, until somebody else offers a safer alternative to Alignable for local businesses.

Just Read Complaints about Alignable Spam, it's their top reach result in Google.


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  • jon

    Alignable was good in the beginning but like everyone else they are in a hurry to monetize. It used to be local businesses now is all over. I think that out of the 7 million they claim 80% are solopreneurs, consultants, advisers, know it all, health pill pushers, life coaches, SEO winners, web designers and real estate agents pitch slapping each other and everyone else. Why I say so? Because local businesses really need help and most don’t the time to spend on networking especially with other so called businesses hundreds or thousands of miles away.

  • Mildred Gruner

    Please, remove me form your network. I am receiving to much email. Thank You

  • Al

    No, they’ll spam you to death with unsolicited, unwanted and worthless emails from unrelated businesses

  • wes johnson

    This site is a trap if you are interested in signing up for their “premium” service. All’s well till you need to talk to them. NO contact info available, just a Bot that runs you around with “did this solve your problem”. Only says someone will contact you in 24-36 hrs. Don’t know what planet they are in but been waiting for a week!

  • Anthony

    Local businesses, yeah OK. I live in BC Canada and get an invite from someone I have never heard of in Missouri City, TX
    Real local.

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