Mnpctech formd t1 PC Case Riser Feet (Set Of Four)

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Mnpctech's formd t1 case feet are CNC Machined from 6061 Aluminum. These custom feet fit the FormD T1, Version 2 and Version 2.1.


These formd t1 case upgrade and riser feet measure 1" diameter x 5/8" height.

Mnpctech formd t1 case feet Include four M3 screws and nuts.

Each formd t1 case foot has a 3/4" thick hard rubber insert to protect your desktop or workstation.

Use your Philips screw driver to install these new formd t1 case feet. 

Mnpctech formd t1 set of four custom case feet can also be installed on other Computer Case or Stereo Audio Component. These newly released Mnpctech formd t1 case case feet are available in Silver Machined Aluminum Or Black Anodized Finish. 

where and what size screw for Mnpctech formd t1 PC Case Riser Feet.

 SSUPD Meshlicious Case Feet are 100% Made In The USA by Mnpctech.

Use the four included M3 machine screws nuts in your order to install the new formd t1 riser and taller case by Mnpctech. The formd t1 case foot shells are machined from aircraft aluminum in Mnpctech fabrication workshop in Minnesota.

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