Denon DP-80/DK-300 Turntable Isolation Feet, Set of Four

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These Denon DP-80/DK-300 Turntable Feet are a substitute solution. They don't replicate the factory specifications.

Sold in set of four with combination of Neoprene rubber rated at 70 Durometer and Sorbothane washer rated at 7A Durometer on top to help eliminate and isolate vibration. Giving your  Denon DP-80/DK-300 Turntable more stability to help eliminate vibration and needle skipping.

Mnpctech machined aluminum Denon DP-80/DK-300 Turntable feet are Made in the USA.

Each foot measures 40mm (1.57") tall x 75mm (2.95") wide.

Raises height of  Denon DP-80/DK-300 Turntable by 16mm (0.62")

Includes four M6 mounting screws.

Made in USA.

Denon DP-80/DK-300 Turntable Feet are made in USA by Mnpctech's workshop staff.