Awesome Rare, Retro & Sleeper Gaming PC Builds & Case Mods Gallery.

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Awesome Rare, Retro & Sleeper Gaming PC Builds & Case Mods Gallery.

Retro Windows 95, 97, 98 Gaming Beige HP Dell Alienware Desktop PC Build Sleeper
Michael Morgan's Retro PC Gaming Room is referred to as his personal "Time Tunnel." It propels him back to the mid 90's golden era of 386 and 486 chipsets, Voodoo 3D Graphics Cards, Pentium 1s and AMD Athlon Thunderbird Desktop PCs.   
Do you remember these popular PC games from 1998?

1. Half Life
2. Grim Fandango
3. Thief: The Dark Project
4. Baldur's Gate
5. Railroad Tycoon
6. Starcraft
7. Myth II: Soulblighter
8. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
9. Fallout 2
10. Falcon 4.0
We need your help in growing this new community. Everyone likes it when members show off their builds - especially the ones from back in the good old days. Whether it's an upgrade on classic hardware complete with modern features and performance, or a whole new build that honors retro looks and styles in a more modern way, it all tends to get everyone fired up about what can be accomplished with some determination and creativity. So keep doing your thing and share your latest builds - let's continue to remember and revitalize these PC building golden days of gaming together!
Vintage retro Gaming PC built by MS-DOS Manfred. 

Do you remember the cheap E-machine desktop PC's? Retro and "Sleeper" Gaming PC builds and case mods are hot right now. Here is some awesome examples we've found. We've also got some awesome original vintage desktop PC's from the Pentium and 286, 386, and 486 chipset era.
Retro E-Machine gaming PC Computer Build How To
The first one is a tribute to 1998 with it’s original retail stickers. This custom build is by Nick Burp. The case is an E-tower 566 MHz from 1998. The updated hardware features Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti GPU and vintage Intel 130W Xeon E5-2667 v2 processors. "Wow, what a difference that made for 1998 PC gaming! 
Sleeper Retro Gaming PC Computer Build Gallery
Nathan owns a vintage ANTEC SOHO with custom laser cut PC fan grills Amoeba style side window with black PC window u-channel from Mnpctech. 
Custom Retro Sleeper Windows 95 Gaming PC Computer
Derek's Pentium III Retro Sleeper gaming PC Build with custom RGB lighting and 3DFX graphics card with Yamaha XG sound card. 
Find and buy rare HP 3000 Computer
This is Doogie's HP 9000/312 Desktop PC Computer from 1988!

Doogie says "This computer was once used on a factory floor to calibrate fuel flow meters for fighter jets. I have restored it to fully working order, written my own programs and more!" The PC printer was HPs very first inkjet! I have a 68030 CPU card from a 9000/335, and some other goodies as well!"
Find and shop buy retro vintage Pentium gaming PC build from 90's
Marcin's Retro PC Pentium 133Mhz 32MB RAM + S3 Trio 64 2MB + Sound Blaster + Maxtor 1,2GB
Find and Buy Retro Beige ATX Computer Case With Turbo Button Switch
This custom “Retro PC” build and case mod is by my friends Bob Stewart and Rod Rosenberg at BS Mods. The vintage Server case has a real Turbo button. The hardware inside is powered by AMD Ryzen with custom liquid cooling. The coolant lines. All of the cables are individually sleeved.
Buy Vintage IBM Personal System 2 Model 60 Computer Type 8560-071 Intel 286
Mitch's Vintage IBM Personal System 2 Model 60 Computer Type 8560-071 Intel 286 is a great candidate for a Sleeper PC Build and Case Mod.

How to build retro gaming PC Intel Pentium 1 era
Mitch's Retro & Sleeper Style Vintage ATX Tower Gaming PC build has Pentium 1 processor with rare Voodoo 3 video card by 3DFX.
How to make window in Retro Dell HP Desktop Computer Video Guide

Mnpctech's Custom PC build workshop is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. People hire me to build custom PC's for marketing campaigns. Here’s some examples of my unique gaming PC’s,

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