MNPCTECH Ethernet Network Cable Combs

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Fits 24 & 26 AWG Round Ethernet Network Cables.

Strong and durable CAT Ethernet Cable Combs by Mnpctech.

MNPCTECH Cat 5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a / Cat 7 Ethernet Patch 12 pin Cable Combs are used by some of the world's best data centers.

Available in 4 pin / slot, 6 pin / slot, 8 pin / slot, 12 pin / slot, 16 pin / slot, 24 pin / slot to organize your unique Home Network of Commercial Server / Data Center.   

Mnpctech Ethernet Cable Combs are CNC Machined from stress resistant hi-density plastic material that is non-conductive and chemical resistant. They will help organize your  Cat 5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a / Cat 7 network Ethernet cables in a 12 pin separator in a professional manner.

Helps create a more accessible and organized environment and professional presentation of Ethernet cables. A smart alternative to cutting and retying cable / zip ties. End the hassle of dealing with cluttered Ethernet cables in your data center, whether it's in a small business or large Cloud based Hosting company. 

You can also use MNPCTECH  Cat 5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a / Cat 7, 12 pin cable comb to organize and tidy your Ethernet cables for your personal PC home network or internet wifi routers.

12 pin / slot Cat 5, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a Cat7 ethernet cable comb