Vandersteen Floor Speaker Isolation Feet, Kento Carbon, Treo, Model Seven XTRM, Quatro Wood CT

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These Vandersteen Speaker Isolation Feet Are Made On Per Order Basis. Allow One Week Before They Ship After Ordering. 

Mnpctech's 2.75" wide Vandersteen Speaker Isolation Feet won't scratch your floor and will help eliminate and isolate vibrations. These custom made feet are alternative to the factory spike feet on Vandersteen Speakers. We starting making these feet in 2023 by request from our customers who use our turntable isolation feet. 

Three Feet Per Vandersteen Speaker. Sold in Set of Six.  

These feet will raise height of your Vandersteen speakers by 2". 

*Each foot is threaded for the 1/4-20 holes in bottom of Vandersteen Speakers.

*Each foot measures 2-1/4" tall with 2-3/4" base diameter.

*Each foot has Neoprene foot on bottom to protect your floor.

Enhancing Your Vandersteen Speaker Setup: Isolated Sound.

Best Vandersteen Floor Speaker Isolation Feet 2ce Spike alternative for sale

When it comes to high-quality audio systems, audiophiles spare no expense to ensure optimal sound quality. But one often overlooked aspect is the choice of speaker feet. While spiked feet are commonly used to improve performance, they may not be the ideal solution for Richard Vandersteen speakers. In 2023, we started getting inquiries asking if we could make isolation feet as alternative to the factory spike feet on Vandersteen speakers. Everyone's audio equipment, environment, and ears are different, so we don't make any promises our custom feet will make your system sound better than the spiked feet. Some of our customers felt their Vandersteen speakers would better off without spikes and started seeking alternative solutions for an exceptional listening experience.

Best Keith Vandersteen Floor Standing Speakers Rubber Cemeent Isolation Feet

The Importance of Speaker Isolation:

Spiked feet are often used to isolate speakers from floor vibrations and improve sound quality. However, Vandersteen speakers are designed with advanced cabinet and driver technology that minimizes unwanted resonances. This unique engineering approach reduces the need for extra isolation, making spiked feet redundant.

Designed for Stability:

Richard Vandersteen speakers are engineered for optimal performance on a stable surface. They feature a wide, flat base that ensures excellent stability and maintains the intended sound dispersion. Adding spiked feet can disrupt this balance, negatively impacting sound quality and imaging.

Vandersteen Speakers Model 3A Signature Feet Set.

Implications on Sound Quality:

While spikes can isolate speakers from floor vibrations, they can also transmit vibrations back into the speakers, causing distortion. These vibrations can interfere with the delicate balance of drivers and crossovers, degrading the sound.

Floor and Room Interactions:

Consider the specific characteristics of your room and flooring when choosing speaker feet. Vandersteen speakers are designed for minimal interaction with room acoustics, making them less susceptible to floor vibrations. Spiked feet are unnecessary in this case.

Alternative Speaker Isolation Solutions:

If you're concerned about room or floor interaction, there are alternative solutions that better preserve the performance of Vandersteen speakers:

1. Mnpctech Vandersteen Speaker Isolation Feet: High-quality pads made of materials like neoprene or rubber effectively decouple the speaker from the floor, preventing vibrations from reaching the cabinet.

2. Speaker Stands: Elevate your speakers on dedicated stands to achieve the ideal listening height and better control room interaction, without the instability of spiked feet.

3. Acoustic Treatments: Invest in bass traps, diffusers, and absorbers to improve room acoustics, which can have a greater impact on sound quality than spiked feet.

Vandersteen Model 3A Signature Feet For Sale.

Vandersteen Model 3A Signature Feet.
Vandersteen Model 2Ce Signature III Feet.
Vandersteen Model 1Ci+ Signature Feet.
Vandersteen Model Seven XTRM Signature Feet.
Vandersteen Model KENTO Carbon Feet.
Vandersteen Model Quatro Wood CT Feet.
Vandersteen Model Treo CT Feet.
Vandersteen Model 3A Signature Feet.
Vandersteen Model 2Ce Signature III Feet.
Vandersteen Model Seven XTRM Feet.


While spiked feet have their uses, they are not the ideal solution for Richard Vandersteen speakers. Vandersteen's commitment to innovative engineering means their speakers are best experienced on a stable, level surface without additional isolation. Consider alternative solutions like isolation pads, speaker stands, and acoustic treatments to enhance your listening experience and optimize your Vandersteen speakers.