Adjustable Height Turntable Isolation Platform 18" x 13" x 2.75" Tall Walnut Hardwood

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Adjustable Height Turntable Isolation Platform is made from 100% Walnut hardwood. It includes four pre-installed isolation feet that level adjust by 1/4".  


Adjustable Height Isolation Platform comes with four isolation feet already installed. It will support table weights up to 40 pounds. It has unique beveled Walnut profile and measures 18" x 13" x 2.75" tall. It weighs 6 pounds with pre-mounted Mnpctech Isolation ISO feet to further help isolate vibrations. This best turntable isolation platform is a great alternative solution to swapping your factory turntable feet alone. 

Who makes the best Adjustable Height Isolation Platform for Turntable.

This custom made Adjustable Height 100% beautiful Walnut hardwood turntable platform comes with beveled profile with base that measures 18" x 13" x 2.75" tall for your vintage or new analog turntable.

In order to have good quality sound, the level of vibration needs to be reduced to improve the resolution of any system, including turntables. But to do this, firstly, we need to understand how these vibration issues happen.

When listening to music on a turntable or any music device, it is structure borne vibration that enters through the shelf, floor or platform the turntable is resting on. The vibration from the platform it rests on is what creates the heavy vibration sounds. This occurs as force impacts the signals in the record players and magnifies through the application chain.

The force creates vibration, which enters audio components through the feet and the chassis of the record player. These vibrations impact the sound quality of the player as it reduces the clarity, alters the detail of sound and distorts the frequency response.

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Every piece and component of this new Adjustable Height hardwood and stylish Turntable Isolation platform is made in our family workshop.

Who makes the best Adjustable Height ISO Foot Isolation Platform for Turntable

Playing records isn't just about the love for music, it is part of a hobby for all music lovers. Just like any collectible hobby, records are becoming harder to find and more desirable to have. Mnpctech's new hardwood walnut anti-vibration isolation base for your new turntable includes our popular Sorbothane top washer Feet. You want to listen without being interrupted by needle skipping from bad vibrations to your turntable. Mnpctech’s new Turntable Isolation platform will help limit and remove those vibrations from your turntable.

Types of vinyl turntable vibration issues.

The method of control for structure borne vibration is fairly easy and straightforward compared to air-borne vibration, which is produced from fluctuating air currents when using loudspeakers. By removing the vibration from the structure, the sound quality will be instantly improved, increasing the sound staging, imaging and producing a smoother balance in the tone of the sound. To reduce the structure born vibration in any turntable an effective vibration isolation platform is needed. Your goal is to find and buy the best turntable isolation / anti-vibration platform for your vintage or new vinyl turntable / phonograph / vintage record player.

The Mnpctech Walnut Hardwood Turntable Isolation Platform is made from high quality materials to ensure the quality of the sound produced by any vinyl from any record player is at its optimum level. The CNC routed beveled edge will also nicely accent the sound system in your auditioning or analog listening room.

This is Mnpctech's best choice for a well crafted Adjustable Height Isolation Platform for Turntables. It's a great alternative solution to swapping out or changing your factory turntable feet. 

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Perfect size turntable isolation platform for many popular turntables that include Fluance, Audio Technica, classic DUAL turntables, Project Audio, U-TURN, Rega, Technics, and Pioneer PL-series vintage and new turntables.

Just lift up, to hand adjustable Height Isolation Platform for Fluance & Thorens Turntables.

Mnpctech Hardwood Turntable Isolation platform includes our popular Sorbothane Vibration Isolation feet.

Living on 2nd floor aprtment requires using this Adjustable Height Isolation Platform for Turntable

Mnpctech Adjustable Height Hardwood Turntable Vibration Isolation Base Platform can be used with any new or vintage Analog Audio Vinyl Record Turntable that has foot print within 18" X 13". Let's talk about vinyl records, or more specially the analog audio vinyl / phono turntable. It gives today’s music lovers the satisfaction of reliving nostalgia. It allows listeners of vinyl records the ability to play their new vinyl collection and bring to life old albums created for record players only.

Who makes the best Adj Height Isolation Platform for Turntable? It's right on this page.

Mnpctech Turntable Walnut Hardwood Isolation Platforms - It's benefits and how to improve the sound quality of your record player!

So, why a vinyl record player? Well vinyl playing lovers can agree, collecting vinyl records is a hobby, there is nothing better than to have hard copy records to play. Also, the sound quality of a record gives off a level of warmth normal CD players or speakers can not provide. Lastly, hardcore record and analog audio equipment enthusiasts can't go past the vinyl because it has a much greater dynamic range - with CD only providing 96dB and vinyl produces 55-65dB.