Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable Feet, Set Of Four

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These Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable feet are 7/16" wider than factory feet as upgrade solution. They don't replicate the factory specifications.

These feet measure 7/16" wider than factopry foot and have Sorbothane washer on top to help eliminate and isolate vibration. Giving your Yamaha YP – D71 turntable more stability to help eliminate vibration and needle skipping.

Mnpctech machined aluminum Yamaha YP–D71 turntable feet are Made in the USA.

Each foot measures 40mm (1.57") tall x 75mm (2.95") wide.

Raises height of Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable to 40mm (1.57").

Includes four #10 zinc plated mounting screws.

Made in USA.

Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable Feet are made by Mnpctech's Workshop.

Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable Feet Are Super affordable and Durable To Stop Needle Skipping.


Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable Feet For Sale That Are New.

This is Factory Stock Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable Foot Photo For Reference. Mnpctech Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable Feet Will Be Different.

Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable Feet Factory Insulator Foot Set.

Mnpctech Feet are 7/16" larger than Factory Stock Yamaha YP–D71 Turntable Foot In This Photo For Reference.