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Our Diamond Plate aluminum-look vinyl film sheets are very easy to apply to your custom projects. They will apply to simple edges and curses and flat surfaces. We've applied these Checker / Vinyl Diamond Plate Sheet Films to re-create the look of the real "Diamond Plate Aluminum Sheets" on many custom built projects and mods.

Diamond Plate Film Aluminum Steel Sheets

Diamond plate aluminum-look decal sheets can be applied to Vehicles, Motorcycles or whatever flat surfaces you like! We've often used these "Diamond Plate Aluminum-Look Sheets" for our custom gaming PC builds and case mods. As you can see in photo above how the "Diamond Plate Aluminum Vinyl Decal Sheet" to a desktop / network server computer SSD data storage drive, to give it a more rugged look. In the video guide below, you can see how you can apply the "Diamond Plate Aluminum Vinyl Sheet" to an old desktop PC case to create a very cool industrial metal finish stylized look. I've seen it used many times on interior trim or dash panels in vehicles. It can also be installed on outdoor flat surfaces like mail boxes, doors, cabinets, tool boxes, and fishing tackle boxes, storage cartons or boxes. I've even see it used on Military Ammo shell boxes and containers. 

Our customers often use it for PC Power Supplies, PC Case power supply covers and shrouds. Also use on PC side panels, PC Gaming Monitors, PC Gaming Keyboards, PC Gaming Mouse Mods, PC Drive faces, PC Gaming Headphones, PC front Bezel, PC Fan controllers, PC Power or Fan Toggle switches etc.

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Lu(ky's Silverstone TJ06 with Diamond Plate-Look Film.

Give flat surfaces that Industrial look with these diamond plate vinyl sheets.

APPLY DIAMOND / CHECKER PLATE LOOK VINYL FILM to Dashboards, Power Supplies, SSD's, Hard Drives, PSU Shrouds, Case panels, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Drive faces, Headphones, Bezel, Fan controllers,Toggle switchs etc.