Mnpctech Practice Nautical Knot Rope Tying Hitch Cleat Kit Dock Sail Line Boat Mooring Rope.

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A realistic way to practice tying and learning Nautical knots anywhere with a real dock and boat hitch cleat.

Re-purposed hardwood block measures 5.5" long x 4" wide x 1.5" thick.

Black High Impact 5" long by 1.25" tall Boat and Dock Cleat. 


*Practice Nautical Knot Ropes anywhere.

*Practice tying Boat and Dock Cleats with this kit.

*Practice tying sailboat lines for your mooring buoy.

*Teach tying Maritime and Nautical knots with this portable kit.

*Great knot tying kit for teaching Sailing students how to tie lines onto cleats.

Are you the "knot"-ty type? Are you a boat enthusiast or outdoor adventure-seeker looking to develop your very own land-to-sea skillset? Introducing our Learn How to Tie Marine Knots to Dock Mooring Line kit! Practice the age-old art of knot tying with this all-inclusive bundle. Not only will you impress your sea-faring friends, but you’ll also have the security of knowing that whatever situation comes at you next, you've got it “tied up”! Whether it's mother nature's inevitable force of wind or waves, every boat captain needs these practical mariner line dock mooring ropes hosting a noose hitch cleat knot - and with our kit, there’s no need for boaters' anxiety around securing their vessel. Perfect for beginners, enjoy your voyages with ultimate peace of mind.

Practice Nautical Knot Rope Tying Cleat Kit Dock Sail Line Boat Mooring Fishing Rope

Tying nautical knots is part of leaning how to sail. This Nautical knot tying cleat kit is small and portable, so you can practice and learn nautical knots on the go. Tuck it in your boat's cuddy or car and truck. Bring it to your cabin or keep in your workshop. When you've learned everything about Nautical knot tying, pass this marine knot practice kit onto a friend or family member learning how to sail.

Ahoy matey! If you're looking to learn how to tie that elusive marine knot, look no further than this life-saving kit. Whether you want to tie a dock mooring line or add some nautical flair to your sailboat, this kit has you covered. Take it from us; our foolproof 'Learn How to tie Marine Knot to Dock Mooring Line' kit makes recognizing and practicing knots more fun than ever before. Never again sacrifice precious sailing time fighting with endless tangles - our kid-friendly teaching system makes difficult knots easy as pie - so you can hit the open waters sooner than ever with confidence. So shiver me timbers and dive into strong rope knowledge in no time by ordering now!

Where to Buy Practice Nautical Knot Rope Tying Cleat Kit Dock Sail Line Boat Mooring Rope

You'll find Marine cleats this size all over a sailboat deck and it's mast, so this new realistic Nautical knot tying kit is perfect gift for new and veteran Sailors. This is a real practical way to learn the essentials of tying Marine Knots. Every sailor must know the basic nautical knots, it's indispensable for his safety and life while sailing.

  • Practice your marine and boat knots with this nautical kit.

  • Nautical Knot practice kit is 100% Rubberwood and won't warp when wet.

  • Durable 6" marine cleat screwed onto base.  

  • 4 Foot Double Braided Nylon Polyester Rope (6 MM / 1/4 inch diameter.)