Gaming PC Build & Case Mod Gallery By Mnpctech

Here is some of the Custom Gaming PC and Case Mods created by Bill Owen at Mnpctech over the past 20 years.

Find and Hire Gaming PC Build & Case Modder for PAX East West South

Bill has been described as a very influential Gaming and Overclocking PC designer and builder. His custom PC builds, game consoles and PC case mods are often used for advertising, marketing and displays for PC hardware related trade shows. He has a dedicated fan base through social media, which helps it get your brand publicized, so you get maximum exposure. Bill also has 19 years experience in product design, casemod, cooling pc, development and retail sales of PC hardware and related accessories. Bill's studio at Mnpctech has an extensive social media network with enthusiastic fans and followers

Bill's Desktop PC builds, game console mods, and PC case mods have been considered works of art. They have been featured in the numerous websites and publications including CPU Magazine,Custom PC Magazine, Forbes, Maximum PC, NVIDIA, and PC World magazines. My desktop PCs are often used for marketing and displays at tech or gaming related trade shows that include CES, CeBIT, Computex, Comic-Con, Pax East, and Quakecon. Mnpctech's clients over the past 14 years have included AMD, Antec, ASUS, Bitfenix, Fractal Design, Cooler Master, CM Storm, Ecomaster, Enermax, Lian-Li, Logic Supply, MSI, NZXT, Phanteks, Logic Supply,Razer, OCZ. Sapphire, and Thermaltake.




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