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Contact Mnpctech If you want to get your entire gaming community on board and generate some real buzz for your upcoming PC game release on Steam, look no further than Mnpctech. Their custom gaming PC mod giveaways will ensure that your valued community members are suitably impressed while they count down the days to launch. Filled with intel and AMD components and all of the latest tech, these PCs will definitely make a statement and help give people something to talk about in anticipation of the game’s release. Give your game the attention it deserves by choosing Mnpctech for an unforgettable launch!

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Bill has been described as a very influential Gaming and Overclocking PC designer and builder. His custom PC builds, game consoles and PC case mods are often used for advertising, marketing and displays for PC hardware related trade shows. He has a dedicated fan base through social media, which helps it get your brand publicized, so you get maximum exposure. Bill also has 19 years experience in product design, casemod, cooling pc, development and retail sales of PC hardware and related accessories. Bill's studio at Mnpctech has an extensive social media network with enthusiastic fans and followers

Bill's Desktop PC builds, game console mods, and PC case mods have been considered works of art. They have been featured in the numerous websites and publications including CPU Magazine,Custom PC Magazine, Forbes, Maximum PC, NVIDIA, and PC World magazines. My desktop PCs are often used for marketing and displays at tech or gaming related trade shows that include CES, CeBIT, Computex, Comic-Con, Pax East, and Quakecon. Mnpctech's clients over the past 14 years have included AMD, Antec, ASUS, Bitfenix, Fractal Design, Cooler Master, CM Storm, Ecomaster, Enermax, Lian-Li, Logic Supply, MSI, NZXT, Phanteks, Logic Supply,Razer, OCZ. Sapphire, and Thermaltake.

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This unique "Cherry Blossom" theme gaming PC with real wood accents was designed and built for barny64 by Mnpctech. She's a full time Twitch / Youtube game streamer who works with “Influencer’s Stuff.” Watch Video of this PC She wanted her Twitch custom gaming PC to reflect her love of the Cherry Blossom tree. It features Nvidia RTX 3060 and Intel Core i9 9900K cpu.

Adding the "wow" factor to your upcoming game's launch on Steam? Look no further than hiring Mnpctech! Their custom gaming PC builds are jam-packed with top-of-the line elements from Intel and AMD, giving gamers in your community something sensational to talk about (and daydream about!) as they countdown the days until launch. We all know your game is going to be out of this world--now it's time to make sure the launch is, too! So if you really want to get everyone in the community talking and ensure some serious hype for when your game drops, take it up a notch with Mnpctech and really nail that unforgettable grand entrance. After all, what better way is there to celebrate a stellar game like yours?

Star Wars Rogue One Gaming PC Build Case Mod Hired by Corsair

This is the Star Wars "Rogue One" theme Gaming PC Case Mod I created for Corsair to use in giveaway to promote the new movie release. 

If you're looking to increase your gaming community on social media, then hiring Mnpctech to build a gaming pc giveaway and desktop PC is the perfect way to do it. Their gaming PC mods are truly jaw dropping - they can create gaming pc cases that will have your game's followers excitedly anticipating its expansion package release. It is an incredibly effective way of turning fans into raving advocates who will spread the word about your game, increasing visibility and earning more money for you in the process.

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My Rogue One theme custom gaming PC mirrored the iconic walls and environment from the Imperial star ship often seen in Star Wars movies.

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This was the custom gaming PC case mod with Corsair 380T MATX portable case to promote the launch of Homefront the Revolution PC game release. This is the portable gaming PC mod I created as a giveaway to promote the release of Homefront: The Revolution game. An open world first-person shooter PC game developed and published by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. My task was to achieve a look and feel of the KPA military field equipment. It's rugged shell consists of machined and handcrafted parts. The stealth angular look was inspired by the APEX off-road vehicles. I used the square tubing from the military drones as it's legs. The resistance scratched off the KPA/APEX logos and spray painted it with their tags and symbols. The case was based upon Corsair's 380T chassis. It's unique side panels were very complex to design. The front LCD is a removable smartphone that monitored the system inside. I had a friend create the app for the phone. We offered it as free download during the giveaway campaign. Somebody remarked, "It looks like a Steampunk Dung Beetle" and that's how I describe it today.

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Corsair 900D customized gaming PC case mod with custom airbrushed paint of ghost flame skulls. Mnpctech builds custom gaming PC mods for events, giveaways, charity fund raisers, and game releases or facebook and instagram or TikTok marketing campaigns. 

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The Lan-Boy-Pocalypse was created to promote the release of the Borderlands PC Game. It was based upon the Antec LanBoy.

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Post Apocalyptic theme gaming PC case mod computer build to promote the release of the Borderlands PC game release. The chassis is an Antec Lanboy Air mid tower with stainless steel custom, water reservoir.

star trek gaming pc computer case mod for esports game tournament giveaway grand prize

Star Trek Enterprise theme gaming PC case mod tribute. Mnpctech can create a custom gaming PC to promote your PC hardware or new game release.

 World of Warcraft Gaming PC Computer Hire Custom Builder For Giveaway & Event Promotions

This is the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draeno Custom Gaming PC Case Mod Build for Antec to promote the game release on their facebook page.

world of warcaft game custom gaming computer builder for giveaway event charity minneapolis

World of Warcraft theme custom Gaming PC / Desktop Computer Case Mod Built for Antec to promote the game re-release.

find and hire custom gaming computer PC builder modder to make star trek case mod

This is my first  Star Trek theme Gaming PC case mod. It was inspired by Spock's Tricorder. I worked with Dave Okuda, who designed the sets for the Star Trek Next Generation TV series. I build two of these star trek gaming PCs. One was for Maximum PC magazine subscriber giveaway campaign. The 2nd was for David Gerrold, who wrote "The Trouble With Tribbles" for the original Star Trek series by Gene Roddenberry. The 1st Star Trek PC was on display at the 2010 Comic-Con event in San Diego. David Gerrold was present to sign autographs as people entered the giveaway.

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This is the Star Wars "Rebel A" custom gaming PC build created by Mnpctech to promote the Cooler Master Cosmos II Gaming PC case.

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The BF3 Battlefield gaming PC case mod we created to promote the release of Battlefield 3 game. The case mod is based upon Fractal Design Define. 

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This the gaming Geek Nerd theme computer build and case mod to promote their facebook page as a giveaway prize. It has pulsing Plasma globe on top. 

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Cooler Master Scout is the MZ-1 Staff Gaming PC build and case mod created to promote the Mod Zoo Community on Youtube.

Hire Gaming PC Builder for Esports Event Prizes District 9

Cooler Master 840 mid tower is the canvas for this "District 9" movie theme Gaming PC build and case mod created by Mnpctech for a giveaway. This was a really fun gaming PC mod to create. It was my first dive into creating a weathered and distressed paint theme. 

Hire Gaming PC Computer Builder Modder For Esports Giveaway Prize Facebook

The Firefly Serenity Movie theme gaming PC case mod created to promote the SyFy series and movie for Corsair's booth at CES. The case mod is based upon the 400R case Bill Owen designed for Corsair to retail. 

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"I'm a leaf on the wind." Do remember Firefly series on SyFy channel? I created the "SHINY" gaming PC to promote the series. It was inspired by the dilapidated condition of the Firefly spaceship. The case mod is based upon the 400R I designed for Corsair. I crafted everything by hand. The system consisted of the best PC gaming hardware by Intel, Nvidia, and ASUS. Marketers and Game Publishers hire me to create a PC or console for charity, trade show events, campaigns and giveaways. Often my creations will get publicized online, but I also have good social influence on all platforms. Contact Us to answer any questions.

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This is the Planetside 2 gaming PC build created for Matt Higby at SONY Studios to promote the release of Planetside 2 PC game. 

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This is the Porsche 917 Tribute gaming PC case mod created as giveaway prize for a Racing Esports event in 2018. The PC case mod foundation is a Cooler Master Mid Tower. Mnpctech is often hired to build custom gaming PC's for companies looking to boost their social media channels with giveaway campaigns. They're also used to promote new PC game releases. 

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In 1970 and 1971, Ford and Ferrari's race cars lost the Le Mans race to the 917 race car built by PORSCHE. This gaming pc case mod giveaway build by Mnpctech salutes those wins. It’s equipped with Intel core i9 9900 processor and two 1080Ti video cards with EK Water blocks. It features Cooler Master Gaming PC case with hand crafted stainless steel hard line liquid tubing and fighter pilot style power switch. This Porsche 917 theme gaming PC case mod giveaway build features many custom case mod parts made by Mnpctech. 

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This gaming PC creation titled "Rebel A" was created with Andrew as tribute to the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars movie game series. At the time, it was the most extreme watercooled Intel gaming PC creation. This video series we made to feature highlights of this gaming PC build reached several million views on Youtube and is still watched today! 

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