THORENS Small Turntable Isolation Feet (Four)

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They measure 1" diameter x 5/8" tall.

Or purchase our larger version, HERE

(Sold in set of 4) 

Available in Silver Machine or Black Anodized Finish.

Mnpctech makes these replacement feet for Thorens TD 160, TD 145, TD 150, TD 165, and TD 166 mkI mkII Turntables. Upgrade your worn out Thorens factory rubber. They include Sorbothane isolation washers and #10 size Wood screws for mounting. 

These custom aftermarket feet are not made by Thorens, they are made in Minnesota by Mnpctech. The shell is machined 6051 aluminum. The foot is Black Neoprene to prevent scratching or marring on your Audiophile shelf or furniture.

It's easy to replace your old Thorens mkI mkII TD 160, TD 145, TD 150, TD 165, and TD that have degraded and or deteriorated over time. Just use a screw driver to remove the factory feet and mount the new isoaltion feet onto your vintage or new Thorens Vinyl Record Player / Phonograph / Turntable.  

Not Compatible with new Thorens TD 102A & 103, but you can order custom feet for your Thorens TD 102A and TD 103 turntable, HERE 

Thorens Feet TD 160, TD 145, TD 150, TD 165, and TD 166 Isolation Feet