Turntable Acoustic Isolation Platform 15-Inch x 20-Inch x 1.75-Inch, 12 pound Hardwood

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Mnpctech Butcher Block Acoustic Isolation Turntable Platforms are 15-Inch deep x 20-Inch wide  x 1.75-Inch tall hardwood. Mnpctech 1.75" x 1.5" tall Isolation feet pre-installed. No tools neccessary to start using this custom turntable anti-vibration platform.


Unleash the Superpowers of Mnpctech Butcher Block Acoustic Isolation Turntable Platforms for Turntables!

Mnpctech Custom Hardwood Isolation platforms are more than just stylish add-ons; they are the superheroes of the turntable world. Here's why:

  1. Say Goodbye to Vibration: Shield your turntable from unwanted vibrations and enjoy pristine sound quality.
  2. Elevate Your Listening Experience: Experience clearer highs, defined lows, and sharper sound clarity with isolation platforms.
  3. Eliminate Feedback: Stop feedback loops in their tracks by physically separating your turntable from external environments.
  4. Accurate Tracking: Improve tracking accuracy for reduced distortion and enhanced audio fidelity.
  5. Consistent Setup: Maintain a stable foundation for your turntable setup no matter where you move it.
  6. Extend Equipment Lifespan: Protect your turntable and records from wear and tear caused by external forces.
  7. Customize Your Setup: Fine-tune your setup with adjustable features for a tailored listening experience.

In the world of vinyl playback, Mnpctech isolation platforms are not a luxury but a necessity for a top-notch listening experience free from interference.

Buy The Best Turntable Isolation Platform For Yamaha or Rega

Where to find and buy the best Turntable Isolation Platform 15-Inch x 20-Inch x 1.75-Inch Hardwood

Mnpctech's new hardwood Isolation platforms for turntables are not just fancy accessories; they play a critical role in the world of vinyl playback, enhancing the listening experience by leaps and bounds. Here’s why isolation platforms are like the superheroes of the turntable universe:

1. Vibration Reduction.

The arch-nemesis of pristine sound reproduction is vibration. External vibrations (from speakers, room foot traffic, or even the rumble from vehicle traffic outside) can be picked up by your turntable, causing unwanted noise or feedback. Isolation platforms act like a superhero shield, absorbing these vibrations before they can reach your turntable, ensuring that the only thing moving your turntable needle is the grooves of your records.

2. Sound Quality Enhancement.

By reducing unwanted vibrations, Mnpctech isolation platforms ensure a cleaner, more precise sound reproduction. This means clearer highs, and much more defined lows, and overall better sound clarity. Brings more clarity for your ears; so everything sounds sharper and more focused.

3. Feedback Reduction.

Ever turned up the volume and heard a howl or feedback loop from your speakers to your turntable and back again? Isolation platforms cut this feedback loop by physically decoupling the turntable from the rest of the environment. This allows you to crank up the volume from your audio system without fear of creating a feedback.

4. Improved Tone Arm and Needle Tracking.

A stable platform means your turntable’s tonearm and stylus can track the record grooves more accurately. This improved tracking leads to a reduction in distortion and a significant improvement in audio fidelity. Imagine the stylus as a tiny hiker; an isolation platform is like giving them the best hiking boots money can buy, ensuring they stick to the path vinyl grooves without slipping.

5. Enhanced Aesthetic and Setup Consistency.

Beyond the practical benefits, isolation platforms can add a touch of elegance to your setup. But more importantly, they provide a consistent foundation for your turntable. Regardless of where you move it—be it a different room or a new house—the platform ensures a stable environment, keeping your sound quality consistently high.

6. Protection Against Wear and Tear.

Reducing unwanted vibrations not only improves sound quality but also protects your turntable and records from excessive wear. The less your equipment has to deal with external forces, the longer it will last and perform at its best.

7. Tuning and Customization.

Many isolation platforms offer tuning and customization options, such as adjustable feet or different damping materials, allowing audiophiles to tweak their setup to perfection. It's like having a custom suit tailored for your turntable; it just fits better.

In the world of vinyl playback, where every detail matters, Mnpctech isolation platforms are not just a luxury; they are an essential component of a high-quality listening experience. They ensure that when you drop the needle on your favorite record, you're hearing it exactly as it was meant to be heard, free from the muddying effects of external vibrations and resonances.

Mnpctech is now making the best turntable isolation platforms for Technics SL

Mnpctech is now making the best turntable isolation platforms for Pioneer PL series

Mnpctech Turntable Isolation & Anti-Vibration Platforms are ideal for TECHNICS MK1 and MK2 SL-1301, 1401, SL-1600, SL-1700, SL-1800 Turntables.

Mnpctech is now making the best turntable isolation platforms for Rega and Pro-ject EVO

Turntable Isolation Platforms measure 15" x 20" x 1-3/4" wide from 12 pound Hardwood.

TECHNICS MK1 SL-1301, 1401, SL-1600, SL-1700, SL-1800 and Rega Planar Turntable Isolation Platform.

These Acoustic Butcher Block Turntable Isolation Platforms include Mnpctech's 1.75" Isolation feet pre-installed. 

Buy This, the very best Isolation Platform for Thorens and Linn Sondek Turntables.

Recess for your hands on each side of Mnpctech Butcher Block Acoustic Isolation Platforms Isolation platofmr to make transfering easier.

I'm looking for the good isolation platform for my vintage Pioneer Turntable that will also work with my Technics and Audio Technica or VPI Scout and Signature.

Front view of the Mnpctech Turntable Isolation Platform 15-Inch x 20-Inch x 1.75-Inch.