PIONEER PL-518, PL-516, PL-514, PL-560 Turntable Feet (Four)

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BEFORE YOU BUY: Depending upon your model, you may need to drill new mounting holes 1/2" closer to edge of turntable base for these feet to clear bottom cover. Before you drill holes, insert included screw into our foot and pre-mount into factory hole to confirm our foot clears the Black bottom cover. If not, drill new holes 1/2" closer to the outer edge of turntable base. We've had handful of customers over the years state that our foot would collide with bottom cover. These feet are not an exact match to factory feet. They don't have springs. They're a custom made substitute upgrade for the factory feet. 

PIONEER PL-518, PL-516, PL-514, PL-560 Turntable Feet (Four)

Pioneer Audiophile turntable foot measures 1-1/2" tall (38.1mm) x 2-3/4" O.D (75mm) with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell.

Replace your PIONEER PL-518, PL-516, PL-514, PL-560 Vinyl Turntable factory feet with our machined aluminum replacement. Turntable stock feet with our custom silver 6061 machined aluminum replacement feet.

Need to shop and buy Pioneer PL-560 turntable feet with isolation

Pictured above is vintage Pioneer PL-560 turntable with new feet by Mnpctech.

If you’re a vinyl lover like me, you know the importance of setting up your record player to get the best possible sound from your collection. That’s why I recommend going that extra mile and investing in vinyl turntable isolation feet. These perform better than any inexpensive solution that I’ve found for my Pioneer PL-series turntable and can stop your needle cartridge from skipping for an improved hi-fi listening experience. With these isolation feet, you can finally listen to your records in full clarity! It’s just one of those essential upgrades that is totally worth it if you want to keep enjoying all those gems in your record collection.

Mnpctech creates peproduction Pioneer turntable insulator feet to repair Pioneer turntable models that include, PL-518 and Pioneer PL-560. These custom feet will replace the old rotted and degraded rubber feet in the original Pioneer feet.  The Pioneer original foot part number is PEB-086, but they're no longer manufactured.  The original factory Pioneer turntable feet insulators were made from latex rubber that have deteriorated after 15 years of longer. These new Pioneer PL-series rubber Insulators are made by Mnpctech with Neoprene Black rubber and will last many years. You can restore the original Pioneer turntable feet by Mnpctech back to life. 

Each PIONEER PL-518, PL-516, PL-514, PL-560 foot measures 1-1/2" tall (38.1mm) x 2-3/4" O.D (75mm) with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell. and has thick rubber foot insert with Sorbothane washer on top. Includes four #10 zinc plated wood screw to bite into the wood plinth. Each screw is 1-3/4" length.

Screw Type Size For Pioneer PL series Turntable Record Player

You can use 1/8" Drill bit to widen the existing factory screw holes before attaching our larger custom feet with included #10 wood screws into the base / plinth of your vintage Pioneer turntable.

Our custom PIONEER PIONEER PL-560 turntable feet custom feet will help eliminate and isolate vibration. Mnpctech machined aluminum PIONEER PL-518, PL-516, PL-514 Turntable feet are Made in the USA.

Made in Mnpctech's family workshop in Minnesota.

find the best pioneer 518 isolation rubber feet

Look no further! I've found the best isolation feet for your Pioneer PL-series turntable and record player. As a vinyl enthusiast myself, I understand that nothing makes a listening room experience quite like high-quality sound from your collection of records. That's why these amazing little pieces of vinyl turntable isolation feet are the perfect solution for keeping your needle cartridge safe and steady. And what's even better is they're inexpensive too, so you can free up your budget to focus elsewhere in your audiophile setup. So don't look anywhere else; these are the ultimate must-have addition to ensure an improved, highly detailed listening room experience with your vinyl records and album collection.