How To Build "Last of Us" Custom Gaming PC Case Mod.

How To Guide on Modding Custom Gaming HYTE PC Case Mod For Watercooling Radiator

Bill Owen from Mnpctech will be using the new HYTE Y40 PC case fot this "Last of Us" game and HBO series inspired custom gamng PC build that will be watercooled with alphacool 360mm radiator. 

How and who mods hyte Y40 and y60 case for larger radiator and what size GPU fits?

Attention gamers! You can watch the progress of how Bill Owen created this "Last of Us" theme custom gaming PC build. Imagine owning a gaming PC that is perfectly themed to match your favorite game.

That dream can become a reality with Bill Owen and Mnpctech's custom gaming PC Mods. Not only is the process documented on social media for fans and followers to watch every step of the way, but it also generates excitement and buzz around your game's release. And if that's not enough, Mnpctech can even customize game consoles for your events or giveaways. Get ready to level up your "Last of Us" gaming experience with a one-of-a-kind PC or console from the talented Bill Owen.

How To Build "Last of Us" Custom Gaming HYTE Y40 / Y60 PC Case Mods

Bill Owen from Mnpctech is created the earth and ground that encompases the new HYTE Y40 PC case for this crazy and extreme "Last of Us" theme HBO series inspired custom diorama and gamng PC build. The HYTE Y40 will have it's video card and CPU watercooled with alphacool 360mm radiator. 

How To Build A Custom Gaming HYTE Y40 AND Y60 PC Case Mods

The earth for this extreme Hyte Y40 PC case mod is crafted from high density styofoam that was chiseled with hot wire cutter from Amazon. It's 8" thick and will be transformed into overgrown soil and earth to emulate the world of "Last of Us" and include plants and portions of ruined building walls and sewer pipes.

How To Create "Last of Us" Overgrown Plants and Rust Effects

How To Make and Create Copper Rust & Green Patina Rust For PC Case Mods

What size radiator can you install in the HYTE Y40 case? 360mm

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