Mnpctech Stage 1 Vertical Video Card GPU Mounting Bracket

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RTX 3090 series and EVGA FTW3 ultra are SOLD HERE

Fits dual and triple PCI slot cards.

*Bracket measures 5" (127mm) x 5" (127mm) x .5" (12mm thick)

*A PCI-E riser cable is required to connect your video card to motherboard and sold separately as add-on.

*Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket will not allow cpu heat sink style coolers when mounted over rear 120mm exhaust grill.

*Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket requires cutting hole in your 140 or 120mm fan grill or your PC chassis for the monitor cable(s).

What is best way to mount video card and GPU from the ceiling of the case?

Best way to cool down a hot GPU is by mounting the GPU in front of case is by the top fan grill with Mnpctech Stage 1 vertical card! 


dual and triple PCI slot vertical video card and GPU mounting bracket by Mnpctech

This vertical gpu mounting bracket Fits both dual and triple PCI slot video cards.

Mnpctech's Black Stage 1 vertical single GPU mounting 120mm fan hole bracket is first ever introduced to the custom PC market. It was designed and made by Mnpctech in 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Select "Notify" on this page, so you are emailed when this product is released.


Mnpctech Stage 1 Vertical Video Card GPU Mounting Bracket