Schiit Audio Component Custom Stack Riser Feet, Set of Four.

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Mnpctech's small silver grooved custom feet are aftermarket upgrades designed for the Schiit Audio line. 

Each Schiit Audio foot by Mnpctech is custom made for all Schiit Audio components and measure 1" diameter x 5/8" height. Each  foot has a 3/4" thick hard rubber insert to protect your audio furniture, desktop or workstation.

Where to buy Schiit Audio Component Custom Stack Riser Feet? Mnpctech makes them.

Each case foot includes mounting. Just pull out the factory feet and insert Mnpctech custom riser / anti-vibration feet for your favorite Schiit Audio component and stack.

Schiit Audio Preamp and Speaer Amp Component Custom Stacked Riser Feet.

Upgrade your Schiit Audio components with Mnpctech's custom riser / anti-vibration feet. These unique machined aluminum shell upgrade feet are the perfect addition to your Schiit Audio headphone and speaker pre-amp. Easily attach and use them to update your favorite Schiit components like Vali 149, Modi 129, and Jotunheim 399 feet.

Order Black Schiit Audio Component Custom Stack Riser Feet.

Want to show off your Schiit Audio stack? Mnpctech's custom feet also fit the popular Saga S 299 feet, Freya S 599, and more. Don't settle for factory feet - upgrade your Schiit Audio today with these finely crafted feet from Mnpctech. They also raise height of your Schiit component to help provide better heat disipation, especially with the Schiit tube amps like the Valhalla series.

Upgrading and rasiing the height of your Schiit Audio component is easy with  Mnpctech's custom riser/anti-vibration feet. Crafted from machined aluminum shells, these feet are the perfect addition to your Schiit Audio headphone and speaker pre-amp stack. Simply remove the factory feet and insert Mnpctech's unique and strikingly cool upgrades! These custom feet fit a wide range of popular Schiit Audio components, including the Fulla 109, Modi 129, Jotunheim 399, Vali 149, Magnius 199, Asgard 249, Saga 399, Saga S 299, Loki Mini 149, Mani 149, Freya S 599, and Sys 49. For the ultimate upgrade, try Mnpctech's custom feet on your Yggdrasil 2199, Ragnarok 1499, Loki Max 1499, Hel 199, or Valhalla 399. Show off your Schiit Audio stack with Mnpctech's finely crafted feet!