Rotel RP-1000, RP-1001, RP-2400, RP-4400 Turntable Isolation Upgrade Feet

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Purchase Mnpctech's custom made Rotel RP-1000, RP-1001, and l RP-2400 and Rotel RP-4400 Vinyl Record Player / Turntable Isolation Upgrade Feet.

Sold in Set of Four.

Each Rotel RP-1000, RP-1001,  Rotel RP-2400 and RP-4400 turntable custom made upgrade isolation foot measures 1-1/4" tall x 1-3/4" O.D. with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell.

Includes four #8 machine screws and nuts for mounting.

Installation steps:
Unplug power to turntable.
Unscrew bottom cover. 
Unscrew factory feet. 
Screw on our feet with included screw and nut into same holes factory feet. 
Re-attach bottom cover.

Custom turntable isolation anti-vibration feet for Rotel RP-1000, RP-2400, Rotel RP-4400 and RP-1001.

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Custom turntable isolation feet for Rotel RP-1000 and RP-1001 turntable.

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 Custom turntable isolation feet for Rotel  RP-1000 and RP-1001 turntable / record Player.

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