PC Case Metal Nibbler Tool

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HT-204 Metal Nibbling tool for cutting PC case panels.

The PC Case Nibbler Tool is used to cut soft material, such as sheet metal with minimal distortion. Nibblers are usually used to remove larger pieces of the material, before moving onto a hand file.

Cut up to 1/16" Copper, Aluminum & plastic. Up to 18AWG Mild steel. Ideal for .062in PC board material. Hardened tool steel punch with steel body. 3/8" starting hole needed for cutouts.

PC Case Computer Case Mod Nibbler Tool

The Hand Nibbler Tool is also great for cutting Sheet Metal for your custom projects like making shrouds for your PC chassis or PC power supply. You can also cut out holes in your side panel for custom windows. 

Sheet Metal Hand Nibbler Tool

This Sheet Metal Nibbler Tool / Cutting Shear is also great for cutting plastic sheets or aluminum sheets for making custom signs.

PC Case Hand Nibbler Tool

sethnmalice's INVADED PC project build done entirely with PC Case Nibbler