Fk-2001 White Alps Vintage Beige PC Keyboard Focus Click Keyboard, MODEL FSQ4VY, USED

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USED & TESTED Fk-2001 White Alps Vintage Keyboard Focus Click Keyboard, is in great working condition. MODEL FSQ4VY is great for playing Windows 95/98 era MS-DOS retro computer & PC games. Includes 6in Keyboard Adapter AT to PS2 DIN 5 Female to Mini Din 6 Pin Male Cable in vintage Beige.

Retro Bliss: The Ultimate Vintage PC Keyboard

Dust off your nostalgia goggles and dive into the good ol' days with this awesome vintage PC keyboard! It's the perfect finishing touch for your classic computer setup. Meticulously crafted with top-notch plastics, this relic is a flawless blend of retro cool and functional genius.

Say hello to your beige past! This classic input device is packed with all the keys that bring back those sweet, simple computing memories. It's not just a keyboard—it's a retro computing time machine! Compatible with a wide range of old systems, it's ready to elevate your typing game and capture the essence of computing history.

Now, a little heads-up: this beauty has lived a full life and wears its age with pride. Check out the photos to see exactly what you're getting. There might be some charming cable etching here and there. It hasn’t been pampered or cleaned up, so it might appreciate a little TLC from you once it arrives.

Got questions? Shoot me a message anytime before you buy. Your retro gem will be shipped safely and securely. Get ready to type like it’s the 1980s!