Pioneer PL-2, 4, 5, 7, 100, 200, 255, 350, 400, 630, 800 Turntable Feet Isolation Pads, NOT FEET.

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Place Mnpctech de-coupling foot pads under worn out feet on vintage Pioneer turntables. These are pads, not feet.

Pioneer PL-2, PL-4, PL-5, PL-7, PL-100, PL-350 PL-255 Feet & Foot Isolation Pads

Each Mnpctech vintage Pioneer turntable Isolation pad is designed for decoupling and diffusing vibrations with Stainless Steel balls inside. This is an effective and easy solution to keep your worn-out rubber feet. Using these Pioneer turntable pads help isolate vibrations to your needle cartridge to prevent needle skipping. Using these anti-vibration pads under your Pioneer turtnable will help improve accuracy in your vinyl record album listening experience.  

  • Pioneer isolation pad measures 1.5” (39mm) wide by .9” (23mm) tall.
  • Pioneer Turntable isolation pad weighs .14 pds (65 grams).
  • Isolation pad has three stainless steel bearings to decouple vibrations.
  • Each mnpctech Pioneer isolation pad is machined from aluminum.

Pioneer PL-2, PL-4, PL-5, PL-7, PL-100, PL-350 PL-255 Feet Isolation Decoupling Pads

It's no longer possible to get new replacement feet for your vintage Pioneer that utilized rubber boots that cover the springs. We cannot replicate the rubber boot so we've created an easier solution so you don't have to remove the worn-out rubber and spring action feet.

Where to buy the best Pioneer PL-2, PL-4, PL-5, PL-7, PL-100, PL-350 PL-255 Feet Isolation Pads

Many hobbyist and professionals are finding and restoring vintage Pioneer turntables, but the struggle is nobody makes new rubber boots to replace degraded or torn factory rubber boots. Instead, you can keep your hard to find Pioneer turntable factory feet and use this set of Mnpctech de-coupling isolation pads underneath your worn Pioneer turtnable feet. They're not big and obtrusive, so you keep the original look of your rare and vintage Pioneer turntable.

Mnpctech is now making the foot pads for Pioneer PL-2, PL-4, PL-5, PL-7, PL-100, PL-350 PL-255 Turntables

You can use these isolation foot pads with these vintage Pioneer turntables. Simply place these under your Pioneer turntable to isolate your vinyl albums from the bad vibrations from speakers that resonate through your audio shelve or floor and furniture.

Need to find replacement for rubber feet on my Pioneer PL-2, PL-4, PL-5, PL-7, PL-100, PL-350 Turntable

These Mnpctech Isolation and vibration de-coupling Foot Pads are Compatible with Pioneer PL-300, 300x, 400, and PL-4 Feet, Pioneer PL-5 Feet, Pioneer PL-7 Feet, Pioneer PL-100, PL-L800 Feet, Pioneer PL-200 Feet, and Pioneer turtnable PL-200X Feet.

Finding somebody how knows how to make or fix the rubber boot on the Pioneer PL-2, PL-4, PL-5, PL-7, PL-100, PL-630

Use these Mnpctech CNC machined de-coupling foot pads as isolation feet that are compatible with the Pioneer PL-400 Feet. Just place all four de-coupling pads under each worn our rubber factory Pioneer turntable foot. The mnpctech workshop staff makes these de-coupling vibration and isolation foot pads so they're easy to install and compatible with Pioneer PL-510 and PL-630 turntables.

These Pioneer turntable foot pads solve challenge in finding replacement parts.

Isolation Foot Pads Compatible with Pioneer PL-50A Feet

Isolation Foot Pads Compatible with Pioneer PL-630 Feet

Isolation Foot Pads Compatible with Pioneer PL-L800 Feet.