Recessed PC Handles

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Recessed Black Case Handles sold as single or pair.

6.13" W x 4.20" H x .315" Deep

Requires cutting 2-7/8" x 5" mounting holes.

All Recessed Black Case Handles include Black finish machine screws & nuts.

You can use these with your custom made carry case or cabinet. Great for military or rugged storage travel / carry boxes. 

Black Powder coat Finish Only.

Spring loaded so they don't flop.

Black Reliable Recessed PC Handles Carry Top

We've often see these heavy duty handles used for indoor or outdoor travel storage containers. Black Steel Handles for storage chests. Custom black recessed handles for custom speaker boxes. Handles for Military Ammo boxes. Black recessed handles for DJ equipment cases or speakers. The best black recessed handles for custom road cases. Same as Reliable Hardware Company RH-0520BK-A Large Spring Loaded Recessed Handle, Black on Amazon. Perfect for your custom builds or projects that need carry handles that are rugged. Could be used for hauling heavy equipment / job site boxes or boxes used for hauling on commercial on or off road vehicles.