White Light Transmitting Acrylic Sheets

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40% Light Transmitting Acrylic Sheets

Great for creating illuminated backlit white lighting PC case mods like chassis covers, shrouds and PSU covers. Popular with computer case power supply / PSU shrouds custom gaming mdods, and other DIY Artistic Hobbies and Projects when you want back light your creations. 

Chose either 12" x 12" or 24" x 12" sheet for making your custom illuminated PC case mods, similar to murderbox / Xforma case mods. We've had customers use these sheets for their Star Wars Figure dioramas. These are 40% Light Transmission White Acrylic Sheets are great for recreating those iconic back lit hallways from the Death Star, and Imperial Star Destroyer Starship. 

Light Transmitting Acrylic is 1/8" thick sheets.

White Light Transmitting Acrylic Sheet Xforma Mkii murderbox PSU light Mod

Often used for computer case back illuminated walls and shrouds. We've also seen it used to create scale model Star Wars Death Star or Imperial Star Destroyer Hallway walls with white illuminated back lighting.

Star Wars Hallway Wall White Light Panel Plastic Window Sheets

Rogue One PC Case Mod by Mnpctech utilizes Star Wars Hallway Wall White Light Panel Plastic Window Back Lit Sheets.