Custom Prebuilt Gaming "Metro Exodus" Game Influencer & Streamer PC Build & Mod

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The "Metro Exodus" theme custom gaming PC build and case mod by Mnpctech Gaming PC Studio and Workshop has working gears and smoke stack!

Mnpctech is usually very busy building gaming PC's for giveaways to promote new game launches or expansions. Mnpctech also builds Intel or AMD and Nvidia RTX gaming PC's for Twitch or Youtube game streamers who are Influencers in the gaming industry and community or Esports events. PC game streamers want their fans and follower jaws to drop when they see their Mnpctech prebuilt gaming PC. The shell of this custom made "Metro Exodus" beautifully reflects the grunge and industrial decay with it's PC mods. It features hand fabricated, CNC machined and 3D printed elements. It mainly features a CNC machined heavy duty mil-spec shell to protect it's hardware inside. This prebuilt gaming PC case by Mnpctech's studio in Minneapolis was inspired by the steam train and environmental elements of the  "Metro Exodus" Post Apocalyptic landscape. We really enjoyed creating this "Metro Exodus" theme gaming PC for the game developers and publisher for their Steam and EPIC store game release. All of the machine and hand crafted custom fabricated parts make this prebuilt custom desktop gaming PC very special and unique for the End User or Giveaway Winner. If you're seeking a truly special and unique custom computer and gaming PC for your next PC game release, don't stop to hesitate and contact Mnpctech today for more details! 

Custom Prebuilt Gaming "Metro Exodus" Game Influencer & Streamer PC Builds & Case Mods for Game Release Campaigns

Mnpctech could build a custom gaming PC for your Twitch or Youtube channel or Influencer as well!

Here is the PC gaming hardware that will be featured in this custom hand made and workshop fabricated "Metro Exodus" Custom Intel & Nvidia RTX Gaming PC Case Mod by Mnpctech's custom PC studio and shop in Minneapolis.


 Metro Exodus Gaming PC Build Hardware List.

 Intel Core i9-12900K Alder Lake Processor.

 64GB DDR5 288-Pin Memory Modules.

 Intel 660p Series M.2 2260 2TB.

 Gigabyte Z690 AORUS MASTER LGA 1700 EATX Motherboard.

  Corsair HX1000, 1000 Watt, Fully Modular Power Supply, 80+ P.


Receiving an invitation by Deep Silver to create the official Metro Exodus Gaming PC was a dream come true!. Have you never heard of the Metro game series? Maybe you were playing too much PUBG and didn’t even notice. I can understand, but a game set in Post Apocalyptic Russia in my opinion is much more interesting. The eye-popping graphics of the Metro Exodus world are really awesome!

Hire PC Modder to build Custom Prebuilt Gaming "Metro Exodus" Game Influencer & Streamer PC Build & Mod

4A Game’s development team in the Ukraine and Malta were generous in sharing thier folders of images captured from the world as they created it. Did you know that a Steam powered locomotive plays a large role in the Metro Exodus game? Since there is no source of electrical power sources in this game, let's imagine this gaming PC is being independently powered by small single piston steam engine. How crazy and cool does that sound?

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Mnpctech Custom Prebuilt Gaming PC's are often spotted as giveaways to boost the release and launch of new PC games on EPIC or STEAM.

It took over a month to develop a real working engine from scratch wasn’t realistic, but we could create something that emulated one. My space is was limited to the front of the chassis for creating this faux single piston engine. This location actually made sense, so people could see the piston rod and gears. I knew in advance the RTX 2080 would be used, so I used this vertical bracket since the Corsair 570X chassis doesn't have vertical mount option.

Mnpctech is a fulltime workshop and design studio that builds prebuilt gaming PC's and computers for advertising and social marketing new game launches with social media giveaways. Our custom prebuilt gaming PC's are very popular in promoting PC hardware brands that reflect Youtube gaming influencers and Twitch streamers / gamers. If your new game release is trying to break out and grab attention, Mnpctech will build and create a giveaway PC that drives engagement to your Steam account or social media channels. Mnpctech is a popular workshop capitalized by PC game developers and publishers in promoting new PC game launches, EPIC store and Steam releases and expansions. For the past decade, Mnpctech has experienced overwhelming amount of of inquiries by Game Influencers on Twitch and Youtube seeking jaw dropping prebuilt gaming PC's. You want a desktop computer gaming PC that reflects your new game or online personality or online game characters.

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Mnpctech's finely hand and machine crafted prebuilt gaming PC's are untouchable for boosting the exposure and awareness of your new PC game. We love building gaming PC's and computer case mods to really ignite excitement for new games. You want to immediately grab the attention of the PC gaming community. We always recommend hosting a PC mod by Mnpctech giveaway to advertise your game release.

Custom Prebuilt Gaming "Metro Exodus" PC Game Influencer & Streamer PC Builds & Mods

Most PC game developers and their game publishers need to drive clicks and traffic to their new game in the Microsoft Store, Epic Game Store or Steam game download platform. The kind people at the Mnpctech studio have over a decade of experience in building prebuilt gaming PC's for events. These events include GDC, E3, Comic-Con and the annual Microsoft games awards and game release promotions. Several of these events seeked out something truly unique to display and attract fans of their PC games.

Custom Prebuilt Gaming New Metro Exodus Game Expansion Release Influencer & Streamer PC Build & Mod

Mnpctech has had several custom PC builds shown at Comic-Con, CES, and Computex events. Mnpctech custom prebuilt gaming PC's are largely seen in online giveaways to promote new game launches or releases. Everyone gets excited for a chance to win and own an Mnpctech prebuilt Desktop PC Mod. Our exclusively made desktop gaming computers and PC mods make great content and draw attention on social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or TikTok in boosting your marketing strategy of your new PC game release!

I want to find somebody good to build a custom PC for our company to giveaway on facebook, which increases traffic to our game launch on steam.

Mnpctech has been proudly involved in creating prebuilt gaming PC's since 2001. We really enjoy and love boosting your new game launch with a PC giveaway. It's the most creative and engaging way to advertise your PC game. Mnpctech custom prebuilt gaming pc's are clever method to expand your PC game marketing. 

Custom Prebuilt Gaming New Metro Exodus Game Expansion Release Influencers on Twitch PC Build & Mod

You can contact Mnpctech today about building your custom gaming PC. An Mnpctech made gaming PC Mod is original approach in promoting game streamers and Twitch Influencers in 2021 and beyond. Mnpctech is the industry's professional choice for hiring to build Gaming PC's and case mods to accelerate your new PC game release. You landed on the best page for finding a great place for prebuilt gaming PC builds and PC mods.  

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Popular PC game publishers and marketing PR people are discovering that Mnpctech's custom pre-built gaming PC's get the more clicks and engagement on their social platforms. PC Gamer's love the detailing in Mnpctech custom PC builds and stellar crazy case mod giveaways. The custom computers and gaming PC's by Mnpctech studio surely want to reflect the world of everyone's favorite PC games.