Mnpctech Small Vertical Video Card GPU Mounting Bracket (Requires Cutting Mounting Hole)

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Will mount over 92mm cooling fan hole. 

*Measures .5" (12.7mm) thick x 3-3/8" (85.7mm) wide x 5" (127mm) tall.

*Requires cutting mounting hole in your chassis.

*A PCI-E riser cable is required to connect your video card to motherboard and sold separately as add-on.

Includes four 8/32 phillips head machine screws and nuts with nylon inserts.

 Version 2.0 Compact Vertical GPU Bracket for 3060, 3070, 3080 RTX cards Aorus, Asus, MSI, Evga cards

Version 2.0 Compact Vertical GPU Bracket. Added support for larger cards.


small vertical gpu video card vertical mount bracket

Mnpctech's Small vertical GPU mounting bracket is first ever introduced to the custom PC market. It was designed and made by Mnpctech in 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.