Mnpctech Black PC Fan Wire Guards & Grills

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Black metal grills and guards for 120mm and 140mm PC and desktop computer cooling fans.


Use these Black metal chrome grills / guards when using computer and server cooling fans. These Black 120mm and 140mm PC fan grills also offer protection for cooling fans in any type of electronics, industrial hood blowers, air condition, CNC machines, electric equipment that requires Black 120mm and 140mm cooling fans like Arcade video game cabinet cooling fans, machinery, 3D printer cooling fans, vehicles, farm or commercial tractors. These Black metal chrome fan grills / guards are ideal for providing a protective barrier around cooling fan blades to prevent contact with your fingers, curious pets etc.  protects your fingers from getting cut or hurt, while also protecting the 120mm and 140mm cooling fan blades.

Black Metal PC Fan Wire Guards & Grills